You Reached An Archived Post

Published July 25, 2021

This blog, under this domain name, originally began in approximately June of 2014. As of this writing, in 2021, this is seven years ago. In those seven years, the site has seen a couple of overhauls. For a while, the archived versions of the site were still online but frozen in time.

The last overhaul into this form has eliminated these archive posts because I feel the blog is heading in a different direction with a slightly different voice. Many of these older posts talked about my (at the time) current struggles with mental illness. (I’d like to think) it was an interesting perspective into the tribulations of a male living with Borderline Personality Disorder (something more often diagnosed in women.)

That blog was nice and served its purpose, but moving forward now, I’d like to focus less on my diagnosis and more on the more positive things I’m doing at the turn of the new decade.

Some of the older content, as well, is finding a new home and new shape on other websites. In the beginning, I somewhat aggregated everything I wanted to publish under the umbrella of this blog. That made content a bit difficult to find, making it a bit harder for the reader. If they were looking for posts on programming, they probably weren’t interested in my latest breakdown and vice-versa.

Since this blog is moving in a slightly new direction, and since some of the old content is taking a new form on another domain (such as, these posts have been taken down. I don’t feel it necessary now to share my personal struggle with Borderline and “Mood Disorder Not Otherwise Specified” (or the Atypical Psychosis I used to suffer from) in nearly as much depth.

Since this content is no longer up, I invite you to explore my new blog as it stands and see what I’ve been thinking or working on. Thanks, Asher.



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