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For The New Individualist

I’m so impressed by all the new individualists, the new intellectuals, popping up in opposition to the great overreaches of the government. I had no idea there were so many people ready, willing, and able to protest and zealously spread propaganda as far as they can shout in support of individual liberties.

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There is no cultural “debate” or position I personally find more absurd and trivial than the alleged “War On Christmas” within the United States, my current and native residence.

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The core of assholery is that in some way, spiritually, mentally, or behaviorally, the asshole is an egotist as opposed to an egoist. An egoist holds their life and fulfillment as the prime value, whereas an egotist sees their life and existence as the only possible value.

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Being One Of Zoltan Istvan’s “Top Fans”

Let’s get back to Zoltan. This man is making a presidential bid on a platform of what he calls “transhumanism.” I look forward to the transhuman future where I will once again be more than human. But, it turns out that within only a smattering of Facebook posts on his page, Zoltan has ended up deserving such companions as those found in Ayn Rand International.

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