This Is The New Shit

I’ve “rebranded” or “relaunched” my blog from its previous incarnation as “My Beautiful Life: And All It’s Friends.”  You can still access that blog in its archive form at  All old links/URLs to old posts will automatically redirect to the archive blog, so your bookmarks will still work but be sure to update them eventually!

I’ve yet to figure out a name for the new blog, as well as new graphics/theme, but we’ll get there.  I reviewed everything I wrote in the last four years and it’s a trip!  I’m hoping to start producing more focused content for the readers, and I’ve even been exploring the idea of a YouTube channel.  I’ll still have some meandering life logs, but I’m hoping to be a bit more creative, varied, and out there (with a bit of new attitude) and of course, focused.

I’ve been thinking about a lot of things after some very dramatic changes in my life, and I’ve realized that I’ve been somewhat afraid to express myself in certain ways and somehow rationalizing that into some form of, “Well, but, I don’t really have anything to say.”  Heehee, right.  I somewhat inherited from my father this attitude that three things are very personal and that it’s uncomfortable to talk about them.  Those three things are certain emotions (like love), spirituality, and sexuality-(ness).  However, the world has changed quite a bit, the narratives are out of this world, and there are so many things to say these days.  One night I couldn’t sleep and I was lying awake early in the morning with all sorts of thoughts and ideas rampaging through my cortex, about a lot of things but mostly my blog.

I’ve realized since my last post (titled Eighteen Year Old Truths) that my blog has actually, really, been more “negative” than “positive.”  I put negative and positive in quotes because in my mind those terms have certain connotations, but I mean them in a very general sense.  At some point in the last several weeks, I realized that I have spent quite a bit of time on this blog writing about my mental illness, my struggles to be a whole person, my sadness/anger/self-loathing, and so on and so on.  I mean, I know I’ve written about many other things, but, you know in the gist of it all, it’s true.

Don’t get me wrong, those were good posts, but it’s time to move on.  Those posts can provide as a backdrop in an archive, as they are now, but now, this is the new shit baby.  So hold on to your Starbucks light ice trente black cold brew, strap on your leather biker straight jacket, fluff up your tail, and step into the phantasmagoric ferris wheel of future shock known tentatively as the World of Wunk.

The title of this post was of course inspired by Marilyn Manson, and I’ve included the beautiful video below:

Marilyn Manson singing This Is The New Shit

So, I hope you enjoy the new content, the new look, and the new attitude.  Let’s see what we can tackle!


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Asher Wolfstein

Asher Wolfstein

I am a time-traveling wunk, a hybrid between wolf and skunk (of the male variety), currently stranded in the 21st century. In my travels, I’ve realized that of all the things I need to be, it is being true to myself that is the most important. With that, I am a gay-straight Lucifurryan transfuturist that lives by the seven virtues of rationality, integrity, productivity, honesty, independence, pride, and most important of all, justice. As an artist and intellectual, I appreciate everything from opera to Disney and take life and all its possibilities as they come. I continually write, craft, costume, read everything, program computers, invent, create, make, and even draw. Daily I don't have any plans, just coffee, and strangeness. With all that, let's all do our best okay?

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