The Objective Standard And The Shapiro Principle

Published May 5, 2021 Comments: 0
[Mr. Biddle] (you) propose[s] that religionists and secularists alike can form a unified reason-based movement in support of freedom. But they can’t, as anything that finds its foundation in the religion of the religionists is irrational, thus they can’t be reason-based. The idea is and has always been, to move people to abandon the faith-based concept and embrace the reason-based concept. Religionists, being religionists, by definition won’t do that (lest they not be religionists). This idea of a “unified front” is contradictory and unachievable, and it [hinders] advocacy. “Religionists,” being those that are not just theists, but support a particular religion, are referred to as “religionists” because they are characterized in everything they say and do by their chosen religion. Just like you might be characterized as an Objectivist because everything you propose here is supposedly founded in Rand’s philosophy. ... [Read More]


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