On Being Different And The Clasheerian Order

Published January 5, 2021 Comments: 0
And that’s the story of The Clasheerian Order and the disaster that was On Being Different. The sweat and tears, the sadness and the joy, the frustration, and the pain, the mental illness, it’s all there in one incredibly ugly-beautiful boom that lasted a couple of years. Twenty-plus years later, I’m astonished that any of it happened at all. I wasn’t in a city; I didn’t have a large population to pique interest, I had absolutely no social media, yet I amassed about 45-50 people. I created a movement, albeit microscopic, in a place you wouldn’t imagine simply because I acted on an idea. I look back on all the joys, fun, and terrible anger and arguments because I followed an idea. Stuck in a mundane, quiet mountain town, I dreamed that I could reach different worlds. I traveled so far in my imagination and tried so very, very hard. Eventually, I laid an egg that was beautiful and fun but eventually exploded, embedding shrapnel in all of us. And this was all because I wasn’t satisfied with what was around me and had an idea. One idea of mine turned into all of that. ... [Read More]



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