Domain Services ( A Terrible Scam

Published February 18, 2021 Comments: 0
You do NOT have to register your domain with a “search engine registration” company to be listed on most major search engines. There is no such actual service. Search engines do NOT rely on these companies for information whatsoever (to my knowledge) as they go to great lengths to develop their own software that finds and indexes sites. As stated, be wary of any “search engine” (not necessarily a directory) that requires you to have to pay to be listed. As well, be VERY wary of ANY site that asks for a SIGNATURE. Your mileage may vary. UPDATE: Name Cheap, Moniker Online Services, and the host of this alleged scam Host Key have been notified of this alleged scam. They have done NOTHING to stop it. I am confident in my opinion that any investigation into this would reveal it as a scam, as it has historically been determined. I have notified them repeatedly via social media and the proper abuse forms and I have gotten almost no response. They refuse to do anything about this alleged scam, and I can only surmise they don’t care that their services are being used to allegedly scam people. Despicable. ... [Read More]


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