Published January 28, 2021 Comments: 0
There is no cultural “debate” or position I personally find more absurd and trivial than the alleged “War On Christmas” within the United States, my current and native residence. It was obtusely packed to the brim with the now sadly familiar demagoguery and misinformation we’ve come to expect daily. I feel it really reached its peak and actually piqued my interest again with a 2015 “viral” video starring Joshua Feuerstein (more on him in a moment). Joshua proclaimed that Starbucks had “caved” to “political correctness” and virtually eliminated the mention and celebration of Christmas from its demesne and forbade employees from wishing anyone a “Merry Christmas!” This was a sign of things to come and was a development that didn’t escape my attention. Many people ignored it, laughed at it as dumb, and thought these types of yahoos were just as frivolous as the very grievances they were making up. Undoubtedly it was foolish; with war, famine, slavery, and other tragedies occurring worldwide, we’re worried about a Starbucks cup? However, as I had been trying to point out to those who would listen from approximately 2002 onward, this controversy really should’ve been opening people’s eyes. ... [Read More]


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