Maskholes And The Protection Of Rights

Published June 4, 2021 Comments: 0
The end of the line is: the government has a legitimate concern regarding public health. It does have a moral authority to require the minimum of protective measures in situations that merit it. Outside, masks probably ain’t doing much, but in a crowded bus or airplane? Masks are probably a good idea. Can the government over-reach and step over the bounds of this authority? Sure, and they do it all the time. We are privileged in this country to be able to push back and say, “No, this is too much.” I’m constantly told by many people, mostly moderates, about how the government is helpful, the government is necessary, and that our government (being at its core a democracy) has faults but is “the best way.” I don’t think it is the best way. I really don’t. I don’t believe in unfettered democracy for everyone where everybody gets to decide anything. I’m not alone; when pressed, most people actually don’t. Yet, at the same time, all these government apologists often turn their heels when it comes to an issue that upsets them, that inconveniences them, like wearing a mask. Suddenly, it’s a whole different issue, and if I were to tell them the same advice they tell me, well, it’s just different, alright! ... [Read More]

Being One Of Zoltan Istvan’s “Top Fans”

Published November 30, 2020 Comments: 0
A portrait of Zoltan Istvan in front of a flag.
Let’s get back to Zoltan. This man is making a presidential bid on a platform of what he calls “transhumanism.” I look forward to the transhuman future where I will once again be more than human. But, it turns out that within only a smattering of Facebook posts on his page, Zoltan has ended up deserving such companions as those found in Ayn Rand International. I don’t pretend to know Zoltan’s full career or his entire twenty-point plan for the country (maybe someday I’ll post about that specifically). I actually don’t want to know, as it would be a waste of time insofar as these posts illustrate his thought process. The following exchanges on Facebook will help make clear what I mean. ... [Read More]

Social Contract Theory Advocates Hate Him! Find Out Why!

Published November 27, 2020 Comments: 0
Nothing bares the worst of man’s politics than the need to hold steadfast the integrity of group identity; the grossest culprit is society’s presumed goodness. This presumed good society reflects all the depths of man: resourceful and benevolent while simultaneously not lacking in desire, powerful enough to destroy its environment and yet incapable of standing up to one self-centered man, theoretically loving yet somehow always assumed apathetic, to be cautiously minded as a parent that knows what’s best and yet ignored as an uninformed agent of conformity. No matter the degree of depravity to which any mob might sink, nor the quantity of its victims, society remains untarnished; the good it can deliver retains its purity. No amount of corruption nor vice can ever reach high enough to topple the pedestal of esteem on which society sits. It is omniscient, as it always knows the best way. It is unknowable, as it is always something that’s not any one of us. In this respect, it is the original god. Society is the original religion to which we continue to owe our lives. Of course, as with all religions, it’s a lie. ... [Read More]



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