Being One Of Zoltan Istvan’s “Top Fans”

Published November 30, 2020 Comments: 0
A portrait of Zoltan Istvan in front of a flag.
Let’s get back to Zoltan. This man is making a presidential bid on a platform of what he calls “transhumanism.” I look forward to the transhuman future where I will once again be more than human. But, it turns out that within only a smattering of Facebook posts on his page, Zoltan has ended up deserving such companions as those found in Ayn Rand International. I don’t pretend to know Zoltan’s full career or his entire twenty-point plan for the country (maybe someday I’ll post about that specifically). I actually don’t want to know, as it would be a waste of time insofar as these posts illustrate his thought process. The following exchanges on Facebook will help make clear what I mean. ... [Read More]



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