Here On The Inside

Published February 5, 2021 Comments: 0
At the beginning of their relationship (and eventual marriage), my well-read father told my mother there were certain books that she should read if she wished to understand his inner person. One of them was Zen And The Art Of Motorcycle Maintenance. Others may have included Atlas Shrugged and The Seth Material, but these are ambiguous and unconfirmed. I went on to also read all of these and more, including most of Rand’s works and the entire Jane Robert’s/Seth canon. Earlier in his youth, my father also became a big fan of Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull fame. This appreciation stuck with him for the rest of his life. I think, in many ways, it served as a sort of nostalgic link to the past. It’s no surprise then that I spent hours listening to Tull through casual exposure and intent exploration. I think that Jethro Tull and Rammstein were probably his two favorite bands, as he’d listen to the latter while reloading ammunition in the basement during his alone time. On a side note, we had no idea until less than a year before his death that he spoke German fluently. Such was the man. ... [Read More]


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