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Asher poses for Halloween as Willy the Red Husky (at least his head).
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4 months ago
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This is me. I’m getting handed a glass of water right after coming out of a ketamine trip.

6 months ago
On Being Different and The Clasheerian Order - World of Wunk

Ever wondered what the inside an undiagnosed crazy teenager's mind looks like? In this post you get to see for yourself and learn all about The Clasheerian Order. Presenting, the original ... See more

All about what was The Clasheerian Order, including the full original On Being Different by yours truly.

8 months ago
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New Apocalypse. Same Asher.

8 months ago
Freedom Wants to Be Global

Stuart K. Hayashi Stewart Brand famously said something that is seldom completely understood by those who quote it enthusiastically: “In...

8 months ago

If that’s what it takes, he said...

8 months ago
AsherWolfstein - Twitch

I’m going to go get my preorder copy of the new Animal Crossing. When I get it home I’ll stream it on my Twitch. Check it out at See you in the chat!

Watch Me Pokemon Sword for the Nintendo Switch

9 months ago
Revamp Of Wiki Functionality » The Official Chraki Language Site

Chraki Update: The wiki functionality of the site has been revamped and now uses a code base, as well, work is now continuing on with the Chraki Language Server. See more here:

10 months ago

It speaks to me...

10 months ago
Being One Of Zoltan Istvan's "Top Fans" - World of Wunk

I elaborate on Facebook exchanges that illustrate how terrible just a few Zoltan Istvan (Presidential hopeful) few espoused positions really are.

Asher elaborates on Facebook exchanges that illustrate how terrible just a few Zoltan Istvan( Presidential hopeful) few espoused positions really are.