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Asher poses for Halloween as Willy the Red Husky (at least his head).
1 week ago
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New Apocalypse. Same Asher.

2 weeks ago
Freedom Wants to Be Global

Stuart K. Hayashi Stewart Brand famously said something that is seldom completely understood by those who quote it enthusiastically: “In...

2 weeks ago

If that’s what it takes, he said...

2 weeks ago
AsherWolfstein - Twitch

I’m going to go get my preorder copy of the new Animal Crossing. When I get it home I’ll stream it on my Twitch. Check it out at See you in the chat!

Watch Me Pokemon Sword for the Nintendo Switch

1 month ago
Revamp Of Wiki Functionality » The Official Chraki Language Site

Chraki Update: The wiki functionality of the site has been revamped and now uses a code base, as well, work is now continuing on with the Chraki Language Server. See more here:

2 months ago
The same 80s Aerobics video with different songs

It speaks to me...

Rob Zombie - Dragula

2 months ago
Being One Of Zoltan Istvan's "Top Fans" - World of Wunk

I elaborate on Facebook exchanges that illustrate how terrible just a few Zoltan Istvan (Presidential hopeful) few espoused positions really are.

Asher elaborates on Facebook exchanges that illustrate how terrible just a few Zoltan Istvan( Presidential hopeful) few espoused positions really are.

2 months ago
Chraki: Speaking, Thinking, Dreaming The Future - World of Wunk

Hello everyone! I actually posted to my blog. I know up to now it has been a rare occurrence. However, since completing the "foundational" articles of Chraki, I have posted a personal blog post all ... See more

2 months ago
What you're not being told about the conflict with Iran...

I like this girl.

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