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Asher poses for Halloween as Willy the Red Husky (at least his head).
23 hours ago

A lot of people I know think they are individualists, but I often fairly quickly hear them “devolve” into some form of collectivism whether it is in their interests, online, politics, religion, ... See more

When people talk about destructive cults and fanatical groups, they talk as if seeing yourself as an individual is the default, and that being a fanatic with an “us versus them” mindset is some ... See more

4 days ago

"Public schools are literal prisons for children and the only time many people will ever encounter physical violence in their lives--and people like Sara will do everything in their power to make ... See more

5 days ago
Open Borders Are a Trillion-Dollar Idea

Sounds good to me!

Tearing down all barriers to migration isn’t crazy—it’s an opportunity for a global boom.

6 days ago
Hate-Crime Violence Hits 16-Year High, F.B.I. Reports

Someone once accused me once of seeing “Nazi’s behind every bush” and that I probably “deserved being mugged” because I had the audacity to claim that bigots have become emboldened and it ... See more

The bureau’s annual report showed a significant upswing in violence against Latinos.

1 week ago

I have to be frank guys, the amount of hate, envy, and authoritarianism I see on my Facebook news feed is disheartening. It never ceases to impress me how many people think they not only know how to ... See more

1 week ago
Most illegal immigration doesn't come through the Mexican border where Trump wants to build his wall

Although President Donald Trump has called the situation at the U.S.-Mexico border a "crisis," government data shows that arrests are down compared with the Obama administration as most illegal ... See more

1 week ago
Farm bankruptcies jump to highest level since 2011 as Trump’s tariffs bite

A tit-for-tat tariff dispute between the Trump administration and China has piled on pressure in an already strained Farm Belt. Between January and Septem...

1 week ago
Yaron Brook

Stuart Hayashi: What I told an anti-immigrationist who is now citing Stefan Molyneux(!):
"Tal Yaros, did you block Asher Wolfstein? Dayaaaamn. I hope you don't go around whining about Mark ... See more

"One way to interpret our findings is that the children of both poor and wealthy immigrants are more likely than their U.S.-born peers to achieve the American Dream. Why is this the case?

First, ... See more

1 week ago
Pregnant Woman Uses AR-15 to Fatally Shoot Armed Home Invader | NewsRadio 830 KHVH

A pregnant Florida woman armed with an semi-automatic rifle shot and killed one of two home invaders who broke into her home last week, officials said Monday.