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Published October 19, 2021
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When I finally arrived at this blog layout and design (after a few false starts), I took down my previous blog and all 600+ of its posts (counting all translated posts), approximately 300 in English. I didn’t think anyone would miss them much, but some of the posts are missed according to my traffic statistics and a few correspondents.

That is why I’ve decided to bring back online my blog archive from the past. This blog ran from July of 2014 to May of 2018 and was titled “My Beautiful Life.”

On this blog, I mish-mashed a bunch of stuff together, including tutorials, programming, game playing (let’s plays), and musings about my life and struggles to become a whole person. There wasn’t much cohesion to it, but I decided after a while that despite its best effort, it didn’t help me make any new friends, AND it was kind of negative.

Now I know some of my latest posts have also been somewhat negative (in a sarcastic way), but this is a different type of negative. This negative is one of complaining about my life and condition and just hashing over things in such a way that it didn’t really lead to anything sustainable.

I tried to change the tack of my blog a couple of times with some different redesigns until I landed on the design you see now. These posts are still archived/lost, but there weren’t many of them. Most of the posts have been re-edited and are part of the beginning of this blog.

In my old “Beautiful Life” blog, you’ll see the beginnings of some of my projects that are separate websites now, including Poochie Cures Cancer, How To Program Anything, and the English beginning of Kougeki: Japanese – English Gaming.

To access the old blog, direct your browser to:

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