God’s Little Hero

Published October 10, 2021 Comments: 0
This piece was written on October 19th, 2006, and originally published on my LiveJournal. Before you get into it, there’s a fair bit of warning that needs to be said. I define faith as believing something is true or probably true despite lack of evidence or worse, in contradiction of the evidence. When I discuss faith here I do not mean a belief in the future or trust and confidence in something. My personal, individual beliefs do not include the idea of faith. In fact, I am very critical of the idea of faith. I believe faith, and its institutions of religion, are responsible for a number of ills in our further understanding of reality, morality, and our natures. I wrote this as a satirical/sarcastic piece to illustrate the follies and dangerous ideas that truly can be found in the Bible, in context, or out of context. Everything presented here is an interpretation of a passage from the Bible (which I provide a link to so you can see for yourself.) I believe engaging in the belief that a book, written by people throughout history with their own biases, is some de facto standard of morality because it’s from God is dangerous and foolish. It is hubristic to look at reality, and this universe, and think that you know the explanations for its entire existence with absolutely no objective evidence whatsoever. I don’t do that, but people who believe in God do that every time they pray. And before the gun is jumped, I don’t blindly worship science either. What many might consider “facts” I still consider “theories.” ... [Read More]



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