For The New Individualist

Published September 26, 2021 Comments: 2
I’m so impressed by all the new individualists, the new intellectuals, popping up in opposition to the great overreaches of the government. I had no idea there were so many people ready, willing, and able to protest and zealously spread propaganda as far as they can shout in support of individual liberties. As a friend of mine lamented, it was difficult before the pandemic to get people to even care about a protest for individualist-minded immigration reform (for example), but since the pandemic, we have warriors of individual freedom coming out of the woodwork! Armed with the latest in rhetorical weaponry (memes, horrific analogies, victimhood, and appeals to being ‘nice’), a nice unified frontline has been formed to take down the oppressive Big Brother in that theater of World War III, social media. It’s so nice to finally, after all this time, be surrounded by like-minded individuals who are concerned for the liberties and freedoms of their fellow citizens, so that we may look towards a brighter, more productive future without having to ask permission for our accomplishments! Their courage and resolve in the Twitter wars, the Facebook melees, and the Reddit debates are what will help us form a new union where each of us can find our own path towards happiness, unfettered and unmolested by others’ actions and beliefs. ... [Read More]



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