Hello World, It’s Kougeki (Japanese – English Gaming)!

Published September 23, 2021 Comments: 0
I have launched a project I’ve had sitting around for a while now called Kougeki. It is essentially a Japanese learning blog centered around video gaming. You could say it’s Japanese studies the gamer way. Here is a reprint of the introductory article on Kougeki. This blog is about Japanese – English Gaming. It’s essentially a blog that translates, in detail, Japanese games into English to create study aids. I hope that in doing so, I (Asher Wolfstein) can help raise awareness of the Japanese language (that I love) and of Japanese gaming throughout the English-speaking world. I have started this blog as a study aid for you, my readers, and as a study aid and practice for myself. Through writing this blog, I hope to increase my knowledge and proficiency in the Japanese language, and of course, I also hope you do. ... [Read More]



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