Being One Of Zoltan Istvan’s “Top Fans”

Published November 30, 2020
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A portrait of Zoltan Istvan in front of a flag.

For quite a while I’ve been aware of a certain individual who somehow keeps getting interviewed and featured in various media and countries for his transhumanist viewpoint. I originally came across him as being a member of a Facebook group called Ayn Rand International.

Some of you might remember that group as the Objectivist group that abruptly silenced me and then kicked me out because I had the audacity to state that I didn’t think the single main point of Atlas Shrugged was the “elimination of force.” (Otherwise, how do you explain Ragnar’s actions?) I argued that the principle was deeper than that. The moderator of that group (who uses many “alt” accounts and hides from reprieve) proceeded to call me a “little baby boy cuck” and kick me out. What intellectualism! That’s when I founded Ayn Rand Universal (Facebook, LinkedIn, Website).

I tried to notify several other members of that group whom I felt may not know how asinine and deranged the owner/moderator was but to little avail. One of these individuals was Zoltan Istvan. At the time I liked his Facebook page and forgot about him. That was until I noticed he was running for President, as a Republican. Now, I’m not against the traditional Republican (before it was taken over by the Moral Majority crowd), but I do stand against President Donald Trump and his entourage of sycophants and sophomoric leaderless buffoonery.

I have included quotes of Zoltan’s Facebook posts in the spirit of fair use, in order to educate and provide commentary. Without these quotes, these Facebook posts could disappear and render this page obsolete and useless, stripping away all of its contexts. I also provide these so that Zoltan can speak for himself, and not be paraphrased by someone as biased as me.

Zoltan Istvan Is Running For President

Let’s get back to Zoltan. This man is making a presidential bid on a platform of what he calls “transhumanism.” I look forward to the transhuman future where I will once again be more than human. But, it turns out that within only a smattering of Facebook posts on his page, Zoltan has ended up deserving such companions as those found in Ayn Rand International.

I don’t pretend to know Zoltan’s full career or his entire twenty-point plan for the country (maybe someday I’ll post about that specifically). I actually don’t want to know, as it would be a waste of time insofar as these posts illustrate his thought process. The following exchanges on Facebook will help make clear what I mean:

Mandatory Education

Zoltan writes the following in the above Facebook post (for posterity):

One of the most unpopular opinions I have is that I believe 4-year college should be mandatory in the US. (First, let me say, I would make public college free, and I plan to pay for this by saving money by emptying prisons of nonviolent drug offenders and others wastefullly imprisoned). To me, college is much more than education; it’s something that puts the finishing touches on youth and prepares them to be smart, open-minded, and responsible citizens. I do not agree that people at 18 are adults. I think it’s much closer to age 23-25 that kids become mature enough to be a so-called “adult,” given brain growth, social development, psychology, etc. I think many 18 years old are irresponsible, impetuous, illogical, and plain dumb. And they need more life and scholastic experience to become the best they can be. Joining an inner city gang, being a baggage handler at airlines in a union, or working on the floor at Walmart, or doing other simple and mindless tasks is not what people should be doing at age 18. A college educated person will demand more from themselves, and from their peers, and from their kids. A college educated person’s sense of logic and brain skills are dramatically improved by 4 extra years of education and life experience with sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll, to use the proverbial experience of college. Furthermore, in the age of expanding lifespans, it’s also important to educate our youth more. Laws of mandatory high school were passed in the 1960s, when lifespans were about 63 on average. They’re near 80 now, and soon new transhumanism sciences like genetic editing will take them above 100 and further. BUT mostly, without 4 extra years of college and brain development, too many Americans end up unsuccessful and relying partially on government support. It’s a well known fact proven again and again that the college educated widley outdo the uneducated in overall prosperty, length of marriages, happniess, staying out of jail, etc. It’s makes good sense to ask all our American youth to go to college. (I would make some minor exceptions to this mandatory rule, such as professional athletes, military recruits, nonprofit apprentiships, start-up careers, etc.) But the majority of Americans age 18 would go to college. That is something that would forever change America for the better, and give our nation a leg up on other countries. In the age when robots will also start taking over so many menial jobs, it’s also a good thing. Remember, going to college is not about choosing a career making money, it’s about becoming as smart and accomplished of an individual as you can become to prepare you for whatever life will throw at you. I think every American deserves that preparation. I think every American youth deserves a nation that wants them to become as successful as possible. #UpgradingAmerica #Zoltan2020

Zoltan Istvan

Yes, the man writes with no paragraphs and no breaks, and, yes, he presumably is a college graduate. The man, in my opinion, writes like one of my high school classmates desperately bullshitting his way through Civics class. But, I don’t really care a whole lot about that. What I care about is his notion of thinking he knows what’s best for an entire population of people to the point of enslaving them to his educational system. So I replied,

Mandatory education was a terrible idea, it has turned out to be a terrible idea and never improves, and I wish it was abolished out right. I used to work in public (free) education and it’s a huge waste of potential. The attitude that you must have to think you know best how to use the first 16 years (just about) of someone’s life is baffling to me. I graduated top male of my class, but I wish I had dropped out now.

How can you justify making this mandatory and be a respectable member of Ayn Rand International? Don’t you support individual rights? Or is it that you’re an inconsistent wacko like the moderator of that group?

One more reason I would never vote for you. You can’t let go of the idea yet that you’re smart(er) enough to really know what’s best for the rest of us. Grow up.

Asher Wolfstein

Now, some might think I might’ve read too much into this, or reacted too strongly, but I had this guy pegged as an autocratic asshole from day one. Further posting only elaborated on it below.

Living On A Sailboat After Minimum Wage

Later, Zoltan decides to grace us huddled poor masses with this anecdotal gem:

So many of my friends here on social media seem so angry about their poverty, capitalism, and the political state of America. I don’t really understand that, especially when I hear it from healthy, able-bodied people (which is the great majority of us). When I was 21, I worked hard for 6 months at minimum wage as a bag boy at a grocery store. I saved about $6000. I then bought a 25 foot sailboat for $2700, did some basic outfitting to it, bought a year’s supply of can food, and left. (Sailing is like driving–you can learn it in a matter of hours.) I then traveled for 7 years—a tiny floating apartment filled with books cruising the South Pacific and Indian Oceans—a life that even some of the poorest people in the world could afford. Occasionally, I worked construction or something else for a month or two to get more cash together before moving on. Small seaworthy boats still cost about the same as they did then. I also built a house once. And building a small 2 room home is still something any able-bodied person can do for under $25,000 in materials from Home Depot—takes about 4 months labor. You can learn all the necessary skills easily off YouTube videos. Land is still very cheap outside of big cities and lots often go for $5K-$10K. I just don’t understand why people are so angry or poor—why they aren’t traveling all around or building their own homes and making equity. Or why they don’t try to become billionaires and share their money if they’re so into socialism and demanding we tax the rich all the time. People say the American Dream is dead. Maybe because you can’t reach it says something about you, and not about the system. To me, the American Dream is very easily reachable—but you can’t have 4 children in your 20s, nor can you shop for every trinket at WalMart, nor can you lose your precious time on drugs or alcohol, nor can you waste your nights going out all the time. And the American Dream is not even something always about money—but just free time and #liberty, as mentioned with traveling. My greatest complaint is as it always has been: I don’t have enough time or versions of myself to enjoy all the world can offer. I’ll have to die if I can’t figure out how to overcome death. But life, that’s the good part if you’re relatively healthy and able-bodied. People should be grateful we live in a country that offers us so much opportunity. People should stop complaining how they want everything free from the Rich or the Government—People should go create exactly what it is they want. People should find and build their own dreams. (Pic of me in the Solomon Islands on my boat) #UpgradingAmerica #Zoltan2020

Zoltan Istvan

Again, no paragraphs, no breaks, all ramble. It’s bad! Here’s my reply:

Just make sure your dream involves going to college or else you’ll have to ask permission from Zoltan’s bureaucrats if you want to sail off too early. I’m sure they’ll be benevolent and let you read your own books on your own boat when you’re 19 instead of being spoon-fed by a professor in a lecture hall of thousands. Don’t worry about that at all.

What you say isn’t necessarily false, but you’re still clinging to the idea that you know what’s best for the rest of us. You don’t. Grow up.

Asher Wolfstein

This time, Zoltan seems to have noticed me. Perhaps he’s a bit irritated at my balking, as he seems to too-quickly (not proofread) post:

I think collective society democraticallly [sic] elected knows what’s best for youth–probably 23 and under. After that, I think adults can make decisions.

Zoltan Istvan

He just comes right out and blatantly says it. Your life until you’re 23 belongs to him and his “collective society democraticallly [sic] elected.” Remember, this man is so smart he knows that it’s best if you go to college, so much so that you have to. I shoot back, a little fed up:

First off, terrible English for a college graduate. What crap sentence was that? Second, you are an idiot if you blindly trust the bureaucrat controlled American education system alone (not even college yet) to do anything. They are collectively elected democratically (was that what you were trying to spit out?) and the system, which I’ve worked in first hand, is nothing short of a disaster. So many kids these days graduating literally saying, “I wasn’t actually taught anything useful, help!” You (presumably if you’re elected) and your fat cat politician friends know what’s best for my kids than I do? Really? That is one hard sell man.

My oldest brother has a doctorate in electrical engineering. When he was in elementary, a specialist hired by the school told my mother that he should go to a special school far away and be super challenged because he was so smart. According to you, he’s just right, because, he’s collectively trusted… but my mother said no because she knew that would traumatize her five-year-old because we couldn’t afford to move all of us (and didn’t want to).

Today he’s brilliant and emotionally healthy. There’s MY anecdote for you since you seem to like them.When I worked at the elementary school I attended I constantly saw kid’s spirits squashed, their independence drained, their creativity swallowed, and the potentials diminished because of, according to you, the great democratic wise collective.

All my nieces and nephews are now homeschooled; two of them by a school teacher that quit! We couldn’t take it anymore.

So, go take your “democratic collective” (read: mob rule and popularity the likes of which gave us what we have today) and all its “wisdom” and leave the rest of us, who are actually wise enough to not want to control other people, alone.

You run for office because you want power, control, influence, to create the world YOU want, like so many before you. You have no intention of working in our best interests, as shown by this one single policy.

For once, you could be (could’ve been) a politician with a real vision of freedom, if only you were willing to LEAVE US ALONE.

Asher Wolfstein

Abortion And Artificial Wombs

Here’s a random gem that just struck me on his wall. Zoltan wishes to try to end abortions by providing a means for a child to grow outside of the womb if a woman doesn’t want it. That’s all fine and well, but, the clench is that he wants the rest of us to pay for the research and development. That’s not okay. He states:

Abortion is an incredibly divisive topic in America. But in the near future, artificial wombs may offer a 3rd choice to women. I believe the government should support and even spend research money to help bring this technology into the public sphere. The more choices, the better. I believe both conservatives and liberals will support the artificial womb (pic of me on Good Morning Britain): #UpgradingAmerica #Zoltan2020

Zoltan Istvan

But, my question is, why should I? I wrote:

Why should I be forced to give money to this research? If they were truly useful and a good idea, which they may very well be, why wouldn’t investors and interested parties develop it themselves?

I’m never having kids, never going to be at risk of having kids, and am not interested in helping raise other people’s kids. Why should my money be taken away from me for people who don’t want kids but get pregnant anyway?

Asher Wolfstein

This riled someone, as Mark Larkento responds to me:

… I believe in a future, therefore I support raising money for all kids, even though I have none and will never have any. (editor: well, uh, good for you?)

You believe in your own life as the beginning and the end, and that is ok. (editor: except, I guess it’s not since you want to force me through taxes?)

Mark Larkento

Once again you’ve got the wishy-washy, well, you have your opinion, but I’m a hero and believe so… like yeah, you should pay too or else. I don’t think so:

Alright, if that’s what you believe, then raise your own money and others who agree with you’s money, and leave me out of it. But if you’re in support of raising taxes for kids, that’s not what you want. You want to force me to give you money for your own cause, and that’s not ok.

Asher Wolfstein

There was no reply. These are the thought processes of his fans.

Licensing Children

Once again, Zoltan barrages us with his paternalistic wisdom for parents. Remember, you don’t get to decide how long you’re educated, and now you have to ask permission from the government to have children. This man once touted himself as a Libertarian. Let that sink in…

The politically correct atmosphere choking America led directly to the nomination of Trump. People got so fed up with trying to please every person and idea that they retaliated and voted in the loudest, most overbearing politician in the room. Unlike #Trump, I have a 20-point plan that is led by deeply humanitarian values that aims to support both #Republicans, #Democrats, and everyone in between. But every time I share them, many people tell me how inhumanitarian I am, despite my years spent working to improve the lives of others. For example, when I advocate for licensing parents, I don’t do so to strip away freedoms, but to save the many millions of future kids from starving every day in America and elsewhere as they are now—what about children’s freedoms from terrible parents? When I talk my open border policies and about charging immigrants a $5000 refundable security deposit to get in, I do so because the conservatives will need many carrots in order to pass such legislation, and rather than turn away refugees and the downtrodden, I am diplomatic enough to work on a plan to save their lives in the context of political reality. When I talk about saving the planet and its envrionment with capitalism, progress, and new industry, I do so knowing we can’t save the planet with socialism or by lessening our carbon footprint—which is a joke with 3 billion person China/India coming into their industrial own; we can only save Earth and its environment with new ideas like geo-engineering, nanotechnology, and the computational guidance of AI. The bigger point is ALL my ideas are carefully based on humanitarianism and getting all people more prosperous–but my ideas are not based on emotion or sweet sounding talking points that offer free money and higher taxes as a solution to everything–that is what other politicians do, and why nothing ever gets done. My ideas are based on the most logical principles my team and I can ascertain, the best studies out there to provide evidence, and the most reasonable outcomes we can come to given the parameters of a politically split Congress and nation. I believe very deeply in #transhumanitarianism, the idea that humanitarianism, logic science, and the future go hand in hand. #UpgradingAmerica #Zoltan2020

Zoltan Istvan

This guy is so deaf to his own words he just boggles incomprehensibly that other people don’t just magically support him and see how great of a bro he really truly is! I reply:

Once again Zoltan has decided he knows better than the rest of us. Not only will he set up an intrusive system/board (whose scope and mechanisms would only grow more broad like every government entity) to tell us if our kids are legal, he’ll force them to be indoctrinated in government institutions under the pretense of (mandatory) education until they’re 23.

Licensing parents is such a useless crock, because it does nothing to prevent the future: at any moment a parent could contract a mental illness, lose a job and become homeless, decide to be abusive. That’s what happens every day now. It would only become a tool for social engineering just like taxes (in fact it already is out of the gate with “benefits”). I get you want to save kids, but your “saving” seems to always be at some authoritarian hand.

You seem like a guy that comes across an idea that SOUNDS good, and because of that decide it is good; rationalizing as much as you can to make it work without examining if it truly is a good idea philosophically or long-term. In other words, you ARE like every other politician out there.

I mean seriously, would you want an administration like Trump’s deciding on the legality of your future kids? Cause that’s what you’ll get at some point, I guarantee it. Everything you propose will also someday be at the tips of the worst fingers too. But you are just as blind to that as the other candidates who wish to increase government power.

Personally, I am repulsed by your paternal authoritarian attitude and your intent not to make a better world, but YOUR better world. If I had to complete college (mandatory education) I might not be alive today (I suffered greatly during the six weeks I attended and contemplated suicide), but YOU allegedly would’ve known better!

Grow up!

Asher Wolfstein

Again, I hit some fan’s nerves. Stafford Green writes to me:

I think you could serve your points better without being so rude.

A Fan

Yeah, that’s not happening:

I only seem rude insofar as I will not pretend to entertain such despicable thoughts as legitimate viewpoints, or pretend that the person emitting them is worthy of respect.

Asher Wolfstein

We Just Gotta Tell Those Rejects What To Do!

Finally, Zoltan just drops any pretenses and comes right on out and says it, confirming every one of my comments. The man believes he’s better, smarter, and richer than you and that it’s entirely your fault you’re poor, mentally ill, or disabled, and that he must be your savior to teach you how to live correctly. Zoltan… I had a dad, and he was way better than you will ever be. He goes on to detail how the “rich and powerful” need to tell the “weak and poor” “what to do and how to do it.”

The idea that we could raise taxes to freely give people $1000 a month to solve society’s problems is ridiculous. The idea that people would suggest raising taxes to give away free money but take away current government benefits is even more crazy. That’s why no leading Democratic candidates support this. It would be a disaster for society. Many people in poverty or near it are simply not capable of running their lives successfully. This may not be PC or Woke, but tens of millions of Americans need far more than just money. They need programs, direction, education, assigned housing, healthcare, etc just so they don’t end up on the streets or in prison. They need the government, the rich, and the educated to tell them what to do and how to do it. This idea of people being equal is such a joke. No one is equal and some people need help—and I believe the rich and powerful should help the weak and poor—that it’s our duty. I believe the rich and powerful can teach the poor and weak how to become rich and powerful. My own universal basic income offers truly free money and help. It’s based on monetizing the trillions of dollars of unused Federal Land that the government is holding (#FederalLandDividend). So by implementing it, nothing in America changes much and no taxes are raised. Other basic incomes, if they were to be implemented today, would crush the America people and economy, as the age of automation is not here exactly today, so that justification is not relevant in 2020 (maybe 2026+). Don’t listen to the financially struggling journalists trying to tell you otherwise all over the media—they’re relying on the basic income propaganda as their industry is dying. Right now what many people in America need is a government to offer ways for people to enrich themselves. That does not start with just handing out cash, but incentive structures for people to improve their position in life and know how to lift themselves out of poverty. My 20-point plan offers plenty of “tough love” ways to do that that are not based on just giving out cash based on raising taxes. To get out of poverty is going to take hard work, smarts, sobriety, independence, and more hard work. Get used to it America and don’t fall for the voices promising #FreeEverything (economically impossible). They want to be elected, not actually help you. I have no chance of being elected. I just want to help you and America. #Zoltan2020 #YangGang #UpgradingAmerica

Zoltan Istvan

At this point, I’ve just had enough. He is literally standing up on a soapbox, pointing around and saying, “Your life sucks, and your life sucks, and your life sucks. You must all do what I say and how I say it so that we can all be better!” Translation: “So that I can feel better about myself.” What a derivative loon. On top of that, he posits himself as different than other politicians. I mean, really!? I make my final post:

You know, you remind me of my fifteen-year-old classmates in high school when they still taught civics. When asked the loaded question, “Why do we need government?” they would proffer up and entertain such asinine, sometimes “edgy,” conclusions such as yours here today. They would range from socialist, communist, to even capitalist, but they would all hinge on the idea that society requires, by the ever frail nature of man, an extended set of parents telling them what to do. Sounded an awful lot like religion to me. I stood out and challenged the question.

What a pompous presumably rich (judging from the use of “our”) entitled asshole you must be to think you know best how to run other people’s lives. Your paternalistic Darwinian philosophy is barely evolved from its truly sophomoric roots. You seem incapable of seeing just how badly everything you propose will eventually fail, will eventually result in homogenous feudal-like social systems, with masses under the thumb of their lord and savior government. It’s almost psychotic.

It’s as if you gained the riches (presumably) but not the intelligence and wisdom to back up such wealth. At this point you are nothing more than a self-serving blasted caricature of Rand, acting as if the poor are somehow beneath you, and simply need to be “re-educated” and hammered into place (or die… tough love right?) This premise alone is truly malevolent and is the shallowest egoism I’ve ever seen. How the hell did you end up where you are? Oh yes, let’s all listen to the guy wasting resources making a presidential bid he admits he’ll never win, writing like a high schooler despite his college education, and making basic intellectual mistakes just like every politician hopeful before him while proclaiming how he’s “really different!” surely he’s wise enough to tell us how to waste our time too!

“They need the government, the rich, and the educated to tell them what to do and how to do it.”

So now you finally embrace and admit to what I’ve been saying this whole time. You are under the delusion, like so many other politicians, faux intellectuals, and other idiots, that because you’ve experienced some modicum of success you’ve got it all figured out, are better than your fellow man, and just need to tell the rest of us what to do. You just won’t let go of this notion, and instead, as evidenced, double down on your sick notion of paternalistic authoritarianism. I can see why you’re running as Republican, you’ll fit right in with them, and Trump honestly.

I mean he’s rich, he’s presumably educated (I mean he’s rich isn’t he?), and became freakin president! Hail Trump, let us follow in his footsteps to become rich and powerful too!

“This idea of people being equal is such a joke.”

No, Zoltan, you’re the joke. People are due equal process, equal rights, and hopefully equal opportunity, but they are, as you say, not necessarily equal in quality, capability, and character. For example, take yourself as exhibit A.
You remind me of a woman named Barbara I had the displeasure of dining with one evening. Every time someone didn’t adhere to her very liberal opinion then they must’ve, “never gone to college.” In other words, unless they agree with her, they’re obviously slovenly idiots who don’t know how to function properly. Sound familiar? My first thought was, having never gone to college, what damage college obviously did to her self-esteem and worldview, thinking she was so much better than everyone else.

You assume everyone wants or needs to be rich and powerful like your ass so that they can tell others what to do (that’s the ultimate goal isn’t it, of being rich and powerful according to you.) First, not everyone wants or cares about that. I know, hard for your paternalistic head to understand that, but rest assured it’s true. Secondly, let me tell you how that is SOOO different than what we have today. We don’t have any rich and powerful people making laws and other social engineering to tell the poor what to do. What a truly novel and original idea you have there.

Lastly, and most importantly, is the fact that many of your policies, due to their authoritarian attitude, are immoral. Not only could your attitude/philosophy be used to justify the very thing you dislike (communism and socialism) but they require individuals to continue to be taxed, sacrificed (in so many ways), and as I put it “hammered” into place lest they disrupt the perfect system. Just one example: having to ask permission NOT to go to college. Oh man.

Please, please, please give up on this idea that your very big head knows best for the rest of us. You look down on us as idiots, incapable of running our lives; incapable of making appropriate decisions, demean us by claiming we’ll end up in jail or the streets, and then claim that you want to help us. How very big of you! How dutiful, altruistic, and benevolent of you, our future leader. I will surely vote for your small-minded, demeaning, egotistical, narrow viewpoint now!

You are nothing more than the same old bullshit from the fifties repackaged in a flashy science fiction Buck Rogers outfit. Your policies are not thought out, are flimsy, and ultimately utilitarian and pragmatic. It’s awful, and like a fifteen-year-old thought it all up in some desperate attempt at civics homework. You’re nothing new, just the same old same old shit as every other politician.

Grow the fuck up!

Asher Wolfstein

I titled this post the way I did because it was this comment that magically elevated me, in Facebook’s eyes, to the position of one of Zoltan Istvan’s “top fans.” I immediately unliked his page.

Zoltan: Your Future Autocrat

So there you have it. The man who believes in a transhumanist future (specifically HIS transhumanist future) wants to enslave you into state-funded educational institutions until you’re twenty-three (read: indoctrination centers), tell you whether you can legally have kids (or at least register them against you) and that without him and his “collective” guidance you’ll end up on the street or prison.

This man purports himself to be so different than other politicians simply because he wants to invest and use the most whiz-bang technology of the future to “improve our lives” (whether we like it or not!) Unfortunately, almost every one of his policies boils down to utilitarian pragmatism without principle in support of an authoritarian nanny state who knows what’s best for you, your future, your health, and your children. That’s just about EVERY POLITICIAN OUT THERE. You’re not different Zoltan Istvan, you’re just the same thing repackaged.

Zoltan is just some bro-dude white guy who probably went through college in some sort of fraternity bubble and then decided he was wise because he read a bunch of books on a boat. It’s super easy to espouse transhumanism Zoltan, I was doing it when I was twenty, suggesting to many that genetic engineering would bring us new bodies (and even receiving flak for it.) That alone doesn’t make you smart, nor wise… as is evident here.

My Presidential Platform

I decided that it would be remiss of me to go on and on about Zoltan’s failings in trying to run for President without presenting what I might propose if I was running for President. So, here is my “action plan” or whatever have you for my Presidential run in the indeterminate future:

  • Begin an internal program to automate as much of the government as possible as quickly as possible, reducing costs dramatically.
  • Drastically cut spending on the military, politician’s salaries, pensions, and most public services (privatizing them instead, such as the United States Postal Service.)
  • Reverse Mandatory Education and eliminate the Draft.
  • Eliminate all “anti-competition” laws and regulations for healthcare, utilities, banking, and more.
  • Eliminate federal income tax and the Internal Revenue Service.

In essence, I’d move closest to what could be considered a Nomocracy. This state is one ruled by law, essentially providing military, police, and justice but not much else, where you would have the most freedom you could ever have and all the responsibility that comes with it. Little to no safety-nets, no bailing out banks, and no lobbyists.

So vote for me, Asher 20XX!

But whatever you do, don’t vote for Zoltan Istvan.

Featured Image Based On A Photo by Zoltan Istvan: “This profile photo of Zoltan Istvan has been put in the public domain by Zoltan Istvan to be used in any format or medium by the public or media. The image is released under a free license for re-use by anybody. Photo taken by Zoltan Istvan however attribution is not necessary.”

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