Published January 12, 2021 Comments: 0
The core of assholery is that in some way, spiritually, mentally, or behaviorally, the asshole is an egotist as opposed to an egoist. An egoist holds their life and fulfillment as the prime value, whereas an egotist sees their life and existence as the only possible value. An egoist recognizes others as like themselves and appreciates their virtues as they reflect his/her own. An egotist sees others as alien entities to either align with or conquer, reward or punish, and step on or serve on their perceived path to greater power, happiness, enlightenment, or salvation. An egoist pursues the retention and expansion of these values, being people and their wealth, against time’s attrition. To an egotist, everything is disposable, as nothing exists beyond their aggrandizement, and so he/she continually uses, abuses, and ultimately destroys. An egoist has no reason to skirt the benevolence of the principles of respect and esteem for themselves or others and acts accordingly. The egotist has no goodwill, only convenient facades fashioned by their loyalties, partisanship, and their flattering support of themselves. The only way an egoist remains at the peak of their actualization is by tending to and strengthening the foundation. In contrast, the egotist must tear anything in reach down so that he/she remains the tallest. The evolution of an egoist is an expansion of grace protected by an equitable rage against injustice. Egotists are like statues, never growing and continuously endeavoring towards greater rigidity lest their frail structures crumble. ... [Read More]



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