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Published January 15, 2021
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One year ago, my husband and I decided to file our taxes with H & R Block once again, as we’d done it in years past, and it had been satisfactory. Unfortunately, this was the time of COVID-19, mid full swing pandemic. We ended up dropping our paperwork off at a different location than usual and meeting with a very different person than we usually met to file our taxes.

The location we ended up having to go to was:


We met with an individual agent named Marty. I had this to write about our experience and Marty in my Google review:

We went to this H & R Block during the pandemic to file our 2019 taxes which included a joint filing because of a marriage, and an LLC to be taxed as a Partnership.

We provided all paperwork, including my independent contractor papers, ahead of time to Marty Powers. When we arrived Marty hurriedly stepped through the filing without asking many questions, and I had to remind her upon review of the screen that *I* also had income and should be part of the filing. I had my contractor tax forms that she handed back to us in my hand, and had to show her that it was my name. These were forms she had two weeks to review. This was a sign of things to come.

Upon review of the screen and the initial papers, we had no real reason to believe that our LLC was being filed incorrectly as a sole proprietorship. We are also not the tax experts in this situation, and for example, didn’t even know that partnerships had to be filed a month earlier. Turns out Marty, having asked no questions, filed our LLC partnership paperwork incorrectly.

This was unknown to us until a year later when a more competent agent recognized the mistake (after asking a few simple questions). We ended up having to file our partnership correctly a year later. No one told us what the penalty might be, so we weren’t worried. Turns out, the penalty, which would’ve been $400 if filed correctly (which we would have happily paid), ballooned over time to just under $5000. This was unacceptable and unaffordable.

When we were presented with this from the IRS we called H & R to see if they could help us. They, with their “no worries” guarantees and all, told us WE’D have to contact the IRS first. We contacted the IRS and were on hold for 45 minutes before we negotiated for our penalty to be waived ourselves, cleaning up the mistakes this agency made.

This has also instigated undesirable changes in what is now solely my business, as well as created further potential future complications, all of which could’ve easily been avoided, had Marty Powers filed a simple partnership correctly.

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