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The original syllabary of my conlang Chraki in the original creative journal as featured on the Chraki encyclopedia at This #conlang has some interesting properties including its dual purpose as a natural language and programming language. #chraki
Here I am, wondering about you. You being straight with me?
Since people seem to think putting things in hanzi/kanji makes things somehow more profound, I’m putting 個人主義, which is a Japanese jukugo word meaning #individualism out there into the universe. #individuality #japanese #justice
Happy holidays from my world to yours. #merrychristmas #happyholidays #happyhanukkah
Mays said the toilet was smoking... #smokingtoilet
This is my 15th anniversary with my beloved Maus. We met on this very day 15 years ago in a Westminster mall, me in my dog pants and tail. I went back to his apartment and played a Bach invention on his keyboard. After that, I showed him how my tail was attached and he knew then I was the one. Took me a little longer to figure it out, but here we are. And this is what we do. #happyhalloween #happyanniversary #15thanniversary #furry
I had such an incredible time at PAX West in #seattle visiting a dear long time friend, meeting wonderful new people and group, and of course, to plug, helping the Coles of Quest for Glory fame showcase their game Hero-U and upcoming title Summer Daze. Such an intense trip but oh so worth it!
Nothing bereaves you more quickly of more value than treating the material as you would the spiritual, and the spiritual as you would the material. Things aren’t people, and people aren’t things.
I gots myself some awesome #commodore64 games down in Loveland today to play on my beautiful #c64 Gotta #study some good ol’ #gameprogramming and #oldschool #gamedesign
Dun dun dun da da, dududun da dun...
This is the #unicorn #mug @merryjest got me from @walmart and I love it. I #love my #unicornmug
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Reality is the final arbiter. There is yet to exist a logical argument for why you, being equal, should be able to force me to do what you want in any part of my life's demesne. In this, there is no logical argument for slavery, no matter how civilized. No person holds