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Tomodachi Happiness, Episode 4

It was a nice day the other day in Chrakia (my town), so people went out and had a barbecue! That was pretty cool, but the thing I thought was the funniest was that KadarMan (my look alike) had to stand on a bench in order to participate.


Tomodachi Happiness, Episode 3

My Tomodachi Life seems to be moving along pretty well, even when I’m gone for a few months. I wonder if Ninja and Aly are going to get together? I wouldn’t be surprised if they get married… call it a hunch.


Videogame Land

Well, a lot happened in videogame-land when I was not updating the blog as regularly. Rather than post a bunch of posts catching up on things I only half remember, I thought I’d just put up pics of all the things that happened and you can draw your own conclusions.


Tomodachi Happiness Episode 2

I told Hurricane that she had a love-child with Maus, which made my newest niece make a funny face. It was funny. I told her that their child Audrey looked like a little old lady, but more fascinating was that I set her to travel abroad across and out to other DS systems in other Tomodachi islands. Their legacy lives on!


Tomodachi Happiness Episode 1

Well, today Ninja and me went out for a cup of coffee and some cheesecake. How do I know it’s cheesecake? ‘Cause it’s me! I like hanging out with Ninja IRL, so I think I particularly like hanging out with Ninja in Chrakia too. Ninja had some interesting things to say…


Tomodachi Fights and Dreams

Tomodachi life is a funny thing.  I got a whole crap load of money at the donation drive that I hold every day.  Hey, if people just want to line up and give me...


Congratulations KadarMan!

Well, looks like Tomodachi life is up to some shenanigans. First there is the mysterious man on the roller coaster. There IS a new resident that was submitted. Some dreams and partying are going on, but there’s some BIG news! What could it be?


It’s Teh Baby!

Hurricane is my sister-in-law, and Maus is my partner. So they got married. It’s funny to me because one time Hurricane admitted to having a bad dream about marrying Maus (or something similar to that), and now, they have (virtually). That’s not the best part. I wrote earlier a tiny bit about some good news that Maus and Hurricane have to report.


My Tomodachi Life Part 3

So I said Part 3 was going to be about my friends and acquaintances that live on my little island town. I didn’t just include my relatives in my initial Tomodachi population, but I included people who were closer to me, and a couple people I just happened to know at the time that I was first playing the game.


My Tomodachi Life Part 2

My Tomodachi Life continues. For more information about what Tomodachi is, refer to the first post. Alrighty, we covered Me, Ninja, Mom, Cartoys, and T-Bone. So we shall move on with… Papa! Papa’s my dad. Heeeeere’s Papa!


My Tomadachi Life Part 1

So it’s become somewhat of a request to share my Miis on Tomodachi Life. In Tomodachi Life you make more Miis to represent people in your island town. The idea is that you make Miis that have some significance to you, like celebrities, or relatives. I made my friends, come take a look!


Tomodachi Life Saga

So, I’ve got this nifty game called Tomodachi Life. Such is the life.