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Positive Individualism

So I state, let the Objerktivists preach to the choir, and let Positive Individualists form their own forums and their own groups apart from the Negative Individualists. To have their own voice apart from those who encase themselves in prejudice, belittling, clear falsehoods, bad thinking, and negativity. I’m hoping this website can become one of those forums and online spaces for people who are interested in truth, intellectual honesty, and the expansion of themselves as people and consciousnesses.


Book Review: Status Anxiety

There are no exercises in this book, nor step by step instructions on how to “get over” our anxieties, but instead a fairly clear dissection of Western society over the ages in regards to status.


No Self-Loathing

I’ve applied this to various areas of my life, more successfully at times than others, and it’s really helped me. I’m going to write about more of these aspects, such as intelligence, as I go along, but I thought the cornerstone for me (attractiveness) was a good place to start.



Maybe I’m just too sensitive. Maybe I’m a hypocrite. But I think my point is important, and one worth thinking about next time “someone’s wrong on the internet.”


All The Love In The World

Once again Ayn Rand is maligned… undeservedly. Perhaps it’s just a disagreement on interpretation?


One Pic and Site at a Time

So, I get so excited about my website ideas that, like many of my other ideas, I forget to actually commit to one and grow it. But, no more! I do the same thing with story, game, art, etc. ideas. I get so excited about the next new idea or inspiration I’ve come up with that I just kind of leave whatever I was doing and I never accomplish anything, dammit!


All That Is

Is there beauty all around us? Even atheists have transcendental experiences. Being open to experience the world, experience life in the raw, is the key.


Being Rich

I like being rich. I daydream sometimes about how something I do will make me super wealthy one day and mostly about what I’d do with it. I’m such a hedonistic capitalist. Well, I wouldn’t say hedonistic by my standards, more selfish. That’s not a bad thing!



I’m such a daydreamer. I like to daydream about accomplishing great things. But I like daydreaming so much, I often forget to actually do them. I live “inside my head”. I think living inside my head has brought its boons and its own drawbacks.



Stefan Metzeler: … You clearly do NOT have any intellectual superiority. Either you can argue your case or you cannot!


To Whom I Owe Nothing

I saw this on Facebook.  I thought it was pretty good.  It was in reply to “The Missing Link” in “Philosophy: Who Needs It” written by Ayn Rand. This does not mean that one...