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Game Series: Dragon Warrior (NES) Episode 9

In this one post I do quite a number of things that are important to advancing in Dragon Warrior. I start out in Cantlin and travel off to Hauksness. There I find and retrieve Erdrick’s Armor, which is one piece towards defeating the Dragonlord. Then I obtain Erdrick’s Token in the swamp, the Rainbow Drop south of Rimuldar, create the Rainbow Bridge and retrieve Erdrick’s Sword in Charlock Castle, the home of the Dragonlord.


Game Series: Dragon Warrior (NES) Episode 8

I try to go to Cantlin, but I have to level up, a lot. I spend quite a bit of time in the tomb behind Garinham leveling up. On my way to Cantlin I encounter three new creatures for our bestiary. I finally make it to Cantlin where I learn a LOT of very useful information as to the whereabouts of Erdrick’s artifacts.


Game Series: Dragon Warrior (NES) Episode 7

Garin’s Tomb, Staff of Rain, Stones of Sunlight, and levels, oh my! Here I gain the Silver Harp from Garin’s Tomb, and then obtain those other items from where else I need them. Once I obtain these items I gain some levels, reaching level 16 before I try my next stint.


Game Series: Dragon Warrior (NES) Episode 6

I venture to rescue Princess Gwaelin from the Dragonlord minion, the Green Dragon. From there it’s a jaunt around Tantegel Castle, then Garinham to find out more and explore the depths of the Tomb of Garin. All in a day’s work!


Game Series: Dragon Warrior (NES) Episode 5

In this episode I head from Kol down south through the Marsh Cave to Rimuldar. There I explore the town and get some magic keys. Rimuldar is FULL of clues about how to get through the game, so it’s important we talk to everyone. Also, go around the town to the key shop. Lastly, we gather some gold and experience to buy some magic armor.


Game Series: Dragon Warrior (NES) Episode 4

Now that we’re level 9 I venture off to get the Fighter’s Ring from the Marsh/Mountain Cave south of Garinham. I accomplish my mission, and then decide I’ll venture around the cave for a bit and gain some experience. Unfortunately, I die, but that doesn’t get me down!


Game Series: Dragon Warrior (NES) Episode 3

Hitting level 8 we venture off and to the north and east to the village of Kol. In Kol we learn a couple interesting things, including picking up a hidden item (that we knew of beforehand). It turns out we actually want the Large Shield from Garinham, but we also do want the Half Plat from Kol, both things we accomplish (as well as getting to level 9).


Tomodachi Fights and Dreams

Tomodachi life is a funny thing.  I got a whole crap load of money at the donation drive that I hold every day.  Hey, if people just want to line up and give me...


Happy Home Designs ‘ R ‘ Us

I tried to see if the snowball had some kind of special significance. Like it if I rolled it a whole bunch it would split open and reveal a prize maybe? I’m not sure, I haven’t figured these snowballs out exactly, I’ll have to look online. I just tossed mine into the river and it melted.


Happy Home Design!

Posting about games today, my most favorite game of all time (at the moment heehee) is Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer. I just got it last week and it is awesome.


Tomodachi Life Saga

So, I’ve got this nifty game called Tomodachi Life. Such is the life.