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Pokémon GO Round Up 4

Since the last round-up, I’ve hunted quite a few Pokémon. Maus decided that he’d take a turn driving when we went to the store last night and that I’d hunt Pokémon. It went well! I’ve gained two levels since last I posted.


Pokémon GO Round-Up

I actually have pitched multiple game ideas to Maus that involved walking around and using the GPS to collect and interact with monsters. My latest incarnation didn’t put as much emphasis on going to specific locations as it did on walking long distances. So once again, much of the ideas I spouted at Maus have been put into effect. I tell the future like this quite a bit, it’s somewhat frustrating.


State Of The Fur

I can’t seem to figure out how to pick up the blogging thing again. I was doing really well for a couple weeks, but then I kind of had some emotional issues and the whole thing died. I don’t want it to die. I’ve experienced that the more you put out there into the world, the more that comes back to you.


Nostalgia Goggles

This isn’t a post where I’m going insane and writing some crazy thing about a life-threatening problem I’m experiencing right now. This is a post where I’m just putting what I feel sometimes out there, and see if it helps anybody, or if it might help me. I’m in a tough spot, but everybody has tough spots. I doubt I’ll miraculously find the answer on the internet. In fact, I know I won’t ever find the answer on the internet.


Simple Quest Episode 1: Him Here’ye’s House Cont.

My plan for the game in the long term is to create an episode focused on Him’s family home, and some of the surrounding area. This will be Episode 1 as was mentioned in the previous article. I have to put together some of Him’s personality, and the rest of his family. I’m hoping to post some character portraits in the next article, but I can’t promise anything.


Oops, It’s Tomorrow

Ooooh, Harvest Festival was quite the production today. I was running around looking for ingredients! Tomorrow? Layover at Ninja’s for a visit up to my childhood home to see Mom and relatives.


Happy Home Design!

Posting about games today, my most favorite game of all time (at the moment heehee) is Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer. I just got it last week and it is awesome.


Animal Crossing: New Leaves

I’ve got this other game that I really love – Animal Crossing: New Leaf. It’s really neat because you go around you little town buying stuff, collecting stuff, selling stuff, getting fruit, fishing, bug...


Envy and Self-Deprecation

This especially rears its ugly head when it comes to creativity. That may be part of the problem in getting over my blocks that keep standing in my way. Beyond that though, in day to day life, I STILL think I’m inferior to other people. No matter how far I’ve come I can’t let go the delusion that I’m a deformed little boy. I think; I don’t have personality, I don’t have interests, passions, or hobbies, I don’t have creative spark and inspiration, everything I make is dead in the water, everything I do is boring, nobody’s going to like my game so… why make it?


We Are The TV

I play games, I stream games. I don’t have hobbies and yet at the same time I do. Martha Stewart is my king, and Jim Sterling is my lord. Just saying… I also walk every day now. I think it’s good for me and Maus. Come hang out with me on Twitch sometime.


What The Hell Am I Doing Here?

Sometimes I’m here, sometimes I’m not. Sometimes I’m myself, sometimes I think I’m someone else. Maybe this blog is abandoned… maybe it isn’t?


Passive Income

I proposed to Maus that we try to do something simpler than we’ve ever done first. I suggested we make a basic visual novel. Just a choose your own adventure style game with music, text, and graphics. Maus was like, “That’s so boring!” but I was like, “No, really, you want to prove we can make something, then let’s make something!” So, Maus and I are going to start working on our first visual novel. We’ll see how that goes.