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They Say People Come And Go

Asher talks about his recent struggles with eczema, and his journey and frustrations with trying to get employment in the retail industry in his home town. He also talks about his self-defeating depressive “spells” he gets sometimes. There are some manga books thrown in, and a new friend met at a birthday party. So good times!


Just A Furry, In A Grocery Store

Can Asher make friends, or is he destined to befriend druggie-sluts who never invite them to their toga parties? Did Isaac Homebrew bring home the right pizza, or was he stuck in clean up in the coffee aisle? Do the Golden Girls live on, and whatever happened to Rocket Raccoon? That and more!


State of the Beauty

I don’t really know what to do, or what I can do to help me feel better. It always seems like I’m just not on top of things, that I don’t really know what to do with my current self, only my past self. My father said I had a blessing and a curse. Unfortunately I feel more curse now than blessing.


My Tomodachi Life Part 3

So I said Part 3 was going to be about my friends and acquaintances that live on my little island town. I didn’t just include my relatives in my initial Tomodachi population, but I included people who were closer to me, and a couple people I just happened to know at the time that I was first playing the game.


My Tomadachi Life Part 1

So it’s become somewhat of a request to share my Miis on Tomodachi Life. In Tomodachi Life you make more Miis to represent people in your island town. The idea is that you make Miis that have some significance to you, like celebrities, or relatives. I made my friends, come take a look!


Animal Crossing: New Leaves

I’ve got this other game that I really love – Animal Crossing: New Leaf. It’s really neat because you go around you little town buying stuff, collecting stuff, selling stuff, getting fruit, fishing, bug...


One Pic and Site at a Time

So, I get so excited about my website ideas that, like many of my other ideas, I forget to actually commit to one and grow it. But, no more! I do the same thing with story, game, art, etc. ideas. I get so excited about the next new idea or inspiration I’ve come up with that I just kind of leave whatever I was doing and I never accomplish anything, dammit!


Memoirs of a Housewife

So, Maus got a job! That leaves me at home to tend to the apartment and work on my own stuff. I was talking to my mother on the phone and she said, “You’ve become me!” Maybe I’ll fursuit Sunday.


Holy Crap It’s Been A Long Time

I got out of the habit of writing in my blog because I had acute bronchitis. But I’m hoping to come back and share my experiences, thoughts, and creations with you. I’ve been doing a lot, artwork, fursuits, classes, and programming. Let’s get caught up!


Furry Minds

Ever since I was little I was a furry. I just didn’t know it. I wish I could be better about this, but in reality, I just keep it to myself. It’s my special thing, and I’m very careful who I let in.


A Going Away Party

So, I went to my friend’s going away party. He’s moving to Seattle to work at Amazon. Pretty neat. It was an interesting party because the only person we knew going in was my friend. I met him about ten years ago when he worked at GameOn at the mall. That store doesn’t exist anymore, but it was interesting. We actually met a few people, and it was nice. We talked about all sorts of things, and of course, Maus impressed with his huge body of knowledge as usual.


Pictures Of My Recent Life

I had a piece of art hang in a community gallery, and I went to see Tomorrowland with my friend Rhiannon. Sometimes, as well, I wonder what I’m doing with my life.


All Its Friends

The thing about this blog is that I imagined it as both a place for me to share my life, but also to share the beauty of my friend’s lives. So, in that vein, I’ll be inviting my friends to also write in this blog as well. This will include my husband Maus for now. When a different blogger posts an entry, for that single entry the sidebar’s will change. As well, it won’t post on my social media, it’ll post on their social media.