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Borderline Pursuits

My ideas are worth something. I want to do some tutorials on electricity and programming, partially because I want to build an augmented reality system for myself (and potential future fursuits). I also want to make a new fursuit, this time of myself. In terms of programming, I though it’d be kind of cool if I could make some kind of game engine editor thing, even if it was only for me and Maus to use. Another thing I thought would be interesting to build is an AI/Robot thing.  I always dream of creating a furry robot that could be my friend. What do you think?


Seeing Other People

… will Asher overcome his fear of meeting other people and go to a MeetUp? How long will the new shelf space last now that “cancer man” is gone? Is Asher going to get rich with his part-time job and the internet? Only time will tell…


Gotta Choose, Nothing To Lose

I’ve decided that one thing I can work on is this blog. Here’s the deal, I have to keep myself busy. I’m not allowed to “not do anything” anymore, so, I’m going to need some projects or activities to keep me busy. There have been times in the past when I’ve kept up this blog to a pretty good degree, and it was kind of fun.


Seven Days

We’ll see if I have another ‘anger episode’ this week, like I did last week and the week before since stopping the Lamictal. Maybe I can direct it in a better direction, I just have to lay out the pipes. Makes me think of Super Mario, like there’s this little red Italian plumber running around inside my psyche jumping on baddies, and turning into a raccoon. Works for me!