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Poochie Cures Cancer HD: I’ll Teleport You In

Far away in a lighthouse far away sat a mysterious woman with a robotic combo over jet balck, her stark eyes staring at a bajillion television screens, “The One.” Across the screens flitted a green speck and a brown spack, “Close in please… closer… closer… not so irrationally fast!”


No Self-Loathing

I’ve applied this to various areas of my life, more successfully at times than others, and it’s really helped me. I’m going to write about more of these aspects, such as intelligence, as I go along, but I thought the cornerstone for me (attractiveness) was a good place to start.


All The Love In The World

Once again Ayn Rand is maligned… undeservedly. Perhaps it’s just a disagreement on interpretation?



I’m such a daydreamer. I like to daydream about accomplishing great things. But I like daydreaming so much, I often forget to actually do them. I live “inside my head”. I think living inside my head has brought its boons and its own drawbacks.



This view, this painting of a moral man is very beautiful. I cannot think of a more pure statement of a benevolent life than this.


Wealth Redistribution

It is morally obscene to regard wealth as an anonymous, tribal product and to talk about “redistributing” it.


Real and Whole

A whole person is someone who has a sense of self. They exude that sense of self towards others, and rather than being transparent they become multidimensional and complex. A real person is someone who can affect his life in real ways, who can do things to change his reality.


Intellectual Property

A selfish man would recognize the sources of his wealth, both from himself and others. In that recognition he will trade with the others for their contribution to his life. He will ask of them what their terms are, for without them nothing would’ve been made. Only a whimsical man would feign to act as if the ideas, the original rational thoughts of others, were his own. Materially, he would be shunned by the producers, by the selfish man for his second-handedness. His dishonesty would eventually ruin him.


To Whom I Owe Nothing

I saw this on Facebook.  I thought it was pretty good.  It was in reply to “The Missing Link” in “Philosophy: Who Needs It” written by Ayn Rand. This does not mean that one...