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I’m A Worrier, That’s What I Do

Asher talks about the last several weeks, discussing all the manga he’s read, the art piece he finished from Art Therapy, his new found friend, Gorehound’s Playground viewings, Christmas trees, Seth Material, and possible future employment. All in all, a very Asher time.


Careful, Someone Might Get Hurt

This post talks about my absence from my blog, covering my skin condition and my mental health issues (my medication was messed with). I also post pictures of the Garden of Lights, a video of the Lady Gaga concert I attended, and my new necklace. I’m doing better now, but it was a really rough two months.


This Is A Title

So, that’s life, coffee, drawing, writing, blogging, coughing, video gaming, tv show watching, and borderlining. I’m going to try to do more cooking and fursuiting. Gosh, my life is so hard.


On Being Different

So… To write!  To draw!  To design!

I think.

Who knows.


Battle Stations Ready!

I think this is PLENTY, and I mean PLENTY of stuff to work on. I can’t promise that all of them will be kept up. In fact, I won’t be surprised if only two of them are really kept up, the tutorials and the art series. But I can try. I thought I’d give myself a little bit of avenue and leeway so that if I get interested in the game and the AI for a week or two, it’ll be a break from the tutorials and art.


Nostalgia Goggles

This isn’t a post where I’m going insane and writing some crazy thing about a life-threatening problem I’m experiencing right now. This is a post where I’m just putting what I feel sometimes out there, and see if it helps anybody, or if it might help me. I’m in a tough spot, but everybody has tough spots. I doubt I’ll miraculously find the answer on the internet. In fact, I know I won’t ever find the answer on the internet.


Finished Art Final Fall 2015

I was supposed to steal a technique of the artist. In my analysis I discovered what I called “repetitive uniqueness.” It’s the idea that you have repeating elements, usually of a particular technique, but each one of those repetitions is unique in its own way.


Final Artistic Analysis

Today my final art analysis was due. I had to give a presentation that had to last six minutes, but had to be less than ten minutes. I was very afraid that I’d run under, but I surprised myself and ran nine minutes! Pretty good! Here’s the piece I analyzed by Darrell Black.


Finished Art Project

I finished my art project I wrote about earlier. Right on time, it’s due tomorrow. Anyways, like I wrote before it’s about growth and decay… this is about the growth of moving into a new place, the reality, and the memory of an apartment. Pictures ensue.


Jobs and Fursuits

So, it’s another Saturday. I have this problem, although its a luxurious problem, and a total first world problem. (Yes, I’m playing the song from Weird Al Yankovic in the background right now.) The problem is that, since I don’t have to get up to walk and get my medication, I sleep in, usually until noon these days.



I’ve taken two lorazepam and I feel better about things, but I’m still anxious. Maybe I should actually be anxious. I have this large art project, and when my mother called from Mexico on vacation she said, “You’re going to work on it first thing right? Right away right?” At the time I said, “Yes. Yes I will.” Well, no surprise or shock, I didn’t exactly do that. I got distracted and hung up on programming (though I now have centralized login with originalpursuitssoc.com) and then realize how much time had passed. Then I had to go to an opera, and we hung out quite a bit on Sunday (I went FURSUITING!)


Original Pursuits Society

Original Pursuits Society (OPS) is an organization dedicated to creativity. This site, wunk.me, is now part of the Original Pursuits Society network, running on its server. It’d be interesting to see what we could do with this organization, but I’m focusing on developing some creative ideas to generate revenue. A newsletter would be kinda cool.


The Peach Festival

Today I went to the Peach Festival in Fort Collins. I saw a robotics booth there! It was awesome. In other news, I started drawing again in preparation for my Advanced Drawing Class (Drawing II).


Pictures Of My Recent Life

I had a piece of art hang in a community gallery, and I went to see Tomorrowland with my friend Rhiannon. Sometimes, as well, I wonder what I’m doing with my life.


Artwork For Class

Artwork I’ve done for class so far.