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Leaves and Houses, Episode 4

Kadaria is the name of my town, and I’m the Mayor Ashrwolf! I play the game pretty casually, I don’t fast-forward time or anything. I haven’t unlocked the last largest department store yet, as you’ll see below, but I’m working on it… kinda.


Leaves and Houses, Episode 3

Of course, it took me months before I realized I could group up the fruit into bunches, and I could switch tools easily using the left or right directional pad. But, once I had those things figured out, things went pretty smooth.


Videogame Land

Well, a lot happened in videogame-land when I was not updating the blog as regularly. Rather than post a bunch of posts catching up on things I only half remember, I thought I’d just put up pics of all the things that happened and you can draw your own conclusions.


Leaves and Houses Episode 2

It’s still winter in Kadaria, but the fruit still grows on the trees. The (second-to-) last time I visited there were a lot of dead flowers. More than usual, but I don’t expect much when the temperature outside is -20 degrees. That’s how cold it was in Handyville, so I imagined it was the same in Kadaria.


Leaves and Houses Episode 1

Also, I started a new room in my basement that’s going to try to follow a bit of a theme. I believe these are the ‘minimalist’ pieces (at least they look like it). I wonder if there’s a minimalist wallpaper and flooring? Minimalism definitely is bright!


Happy Home Designs ‘ R ‘ Us

I tried to see if the snowball had some kind of special significance. Like it if I rolled it a whole bunch it would split open and reveal a prize maybe? I’m not sure, I haven’t figured these snowballs out exactly, I’ll have to look online. I just tossed mine into the river and it melted.


It’s Teh Baby!

Hurricane is my sister-in-law, and Maus is my partner. So they got married. It’s funny to me because one time Hurricane admitted to having a bad dream about marrying Maus (or something similar to that), and now, they have (virtually). That’s not the best part. I wrote earlier a tiny bit about some good news that Maus and Hurricane have to report.


Oops, It’s Tomorrow

Ooooh, Harvest Festival was quite the production today. I was running around looking for ingredients! Tomorrow? Layover at Ninja’s for a visit up to my childhood home to see Mom and relatives.


Animal Crossing: New Leaves

I’ve got this other game that I really love – Animal Crossing: New Leaf. It’s really neat because you go around you little town buying stuff, collecting stuff, selling stuff, getting fruit, fishing, bug...


Finishing Geometry

I finished my geometry book today! Now my next book is Grain Brain, so I can learn how carbs are ruining my mental health. My brother Asa recommended that one. I know how to do all sorts of strange things, like tell the width of a chasm with three people and a plank, or the height of a telephone pole with a mirror. I have mental super powers! Maybe, if I get rid of my grain brain… the results could be frightening.


Lucky Save

Today we were going to do the laundry, but we decided that it would be packed so we’re going to do it tomorrow. When I went home for Christmas they were about to butcher another cow. Today we went to Ace Hardware. We went there because we wanted a cookie jar, and Maus thought it’d be cool to have a Wonder Woman cookie jar. Two other awesome things happened today.