Movies Asher’s Seen


The Adventures of Baron Munchausen

One of my all time favorites. This is actually a bit of a cult movie, but not quite. It’s not as well known though, but it’s a wonderful children’s movie (and adults too!) It follows the fairy tale of Baron Munchausen as he conquers with his stories (or are they just stories?)

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House of 1000 CorpsesHouse of 1000 Corpses

This movie is amazing. When I watched it first it was with my adopted brother and his girlfriend a long time ago. Afterwards, I was so excited about how cool it was. My adopted brother was like, “Yeah, until it happens to you.” This was typical of him at the time, kinda irritating. I said, “It’s a fictional movie. Obviously it’d be horrible if it was real.” You really are going to take a horror movie that seriously? I like the visuals, the journey of the victims, the shots… particularly near the end when they’re entirely helpless in the underground lair. It all combines into a surreal landscape of horror.

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House of 1000 CorpsesBatteries Not Included

I love this movie with Jessica Tandy. It’s about these robots that show up in this small restaurant / apartment building. This building is wanting to be destroyed by a much larger real estate deal. The few members of the apartment building are brought together and their lives touched by the little flying robots that came their way. Apparently this and Cocoon were mandatory watching, but when I met Maus I hadn’t seen Cocoon. That was promptly fixed.

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deliverusfromevilDeliver Us From Evil

I wouldn’t recommend this exorcism thriller. “What’s up with the exorcisms? I mean, are these really that scary once you get past Exorcist, and The Exorcism of Emily Rose (same guy as this one by the way)? So you get a guy in a chair bolted down, the chair levitates, the walls shake, the lights go out. Projectile vomit sometimes gets involved. There’s the scary voice that comes out of extraordinary people (like five year olds), and of course the sickly death-like appearance. What is up with that?”

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Don’t Breathe

This didn’t really have brains.  It wasn’t dumb, it was a perfectly fine and well paced movie, but it seemed like it was missing something.  A supernatural angle might’ve helped but it wouldn’t have fit the movie.  It just seemed like the psychology of the bad guy was somewhat disconnected from the psychology of the good guys.  And that was another thing, there really weren’t any “good guys”.

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Pete’s Dragon

I joked with Maus at the end about how it was Hallmark Channel crossed with Tolkien. There were elements where things were just a little too sweet, but that may just be my jaded thirty-four year old self. Some of the acting during the more positive moments reminded me of those Hallmark movies I see sometimes when I’m waiting for The Golden Girls to come on. Those emotions have a time and place in art, and I think they were fully justified in this movie, I’m not faulting the plot with sentimentalism. So this isn’t really a complaint, I mean, come on, I watch the freakin’ Golden Girls. I’m just saying that some of the acting during the wholesome scenes was Hallmarky.

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