Category: Neat Videos

Videos I have enjoyed.


The Poppins

We saw the new #MaryPoppinsReturns trailer and thought, something just didn’t quite seem right here… and I was able to pin down what that quite was. Enjoy horrifically!


Happy New Year 2018!

Asher talks about his year and all the good, and a few bad, things that happened in it, as well as going into detail about what he did for New Year’s Eve and New Years Day. There were fireworks in Old Town, which Asher caught on video, and what’s a January 1st without a Golden Girls Viewing Party!


Careful, Someone Might Get Hurt

This post talks about my absence from my blog, covering my skin condition and my mental health issues (my medication was messed with). I also post pictures of the Garden of Lights, a video of the Lady Gaga concert I attended, and my new necklace. I’m doing better now, but it was a really rough two months.


Speed Demon

You didn’t expect an animal person to only have human friends did you? Anyways, Bucky, as I’ll call him, would (or has) gotten a kick out of this. Hit it Michael!


The Perfect Drug – NIN

I love this video, though there’s a rumor that Trent Reznor didn’t like it. I think it’s amazing! It’s one of my favorite videos of all time. This actually aired on MTV but has never been played live. Part of it is the recreation of the drum solo perhaps. The drum solo is actually re-sampled material, not an actual drummer.



I just think this is a neat video from one of my favorite bands of all time!