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Seeing Other People

… will Asher overcome his fear of meeting other people and go to a MeetUp? How long will the new shelf space last now that “cancer man” is gone? Is Asher going to get rich with his part-time job and the internet? Only time will tell…


The Candles Smell Golden

Asher loves Yankee Candle a little bit too much, doesn’t he? Python, Brython, and the latest in PyPI submissions is covered, but first, what happened at Shining Stars? Golden Girls will rule the nation. Will Artificial Life ever be drawn, and let’s get down with some horror synth.

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Here I sit, so cliche, wonderin’ what the hell to do.  Maybe I should go into a bathroom stall and write in loose-leaf notebooks.  I feel like I want to cry, that it would...


Poochie Cures Cancer: I Like Turtles

Alice looked towards where Morticia’s hand was motioning. It was Jareth Bowie! Where’d he come from? “Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh….” She ran her hand over the top of her head, her bow wasn’t a person, are these people craaaaazy or what?


iTunes Affiliate Links

I am now a member of the iTunes affiliate program. This is one of the ways that I support myself, and I genuinely was just interested in being part of the iTunes community. I’ve very much wanted to become an Amazon Affiliate, but unfortunately Colorado is one of the banned states because of tax laws.


Aquarium Visit

A while ago, when coming back from the Vocal Arts Festival that Maus was in, we took a detour to the Denver Aquarium.


Original Pursuits Society

The organization is named the Original Pursuits Society. You can find much more basic information at that link. It is very small and just beginning, and I’m hoping we can find some creative individuals who are interested in such a thing to help us start it growing.


OS X Update Beta Open!

Get the beta above. To quote: “Nearly two months after Apple announced it would release a public beta of OS X Yosemite, participants are finally getting their download notifications, allowing non-developers to access the...


All Its Friends

The thing about this blog is that I imagined it as both a place for me to share my life, but also to share the beauty of my friend’s lives. So, in that vein, I’ll be inviting my friends to also write in this blog as well. This will include my husband Maus for now. When a different blogger posts an entry, for that single entry the sidebar’s will change. As well, it won’t post on my social media, it’ll post on their social media.


Deliver Us From Evil Review

Okay, so I had read pretty much ZERO about Deliver Us From Evil before I went. I had no idea what the movie was even about. I don’t know how much of the movie is spoiled when I state that it’s about an exorcism. I should’ve guessed this I suppose when the title is “Deliver Us From Evil” (duh, Asher). What’s up with the exorcisms?