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Careful, Someone Might Get Hurt

This post talks about my absence from my blog, covering my skin condition and my mental health issues (my medication was messed with). I also post pictures of the Garden of Lights, a video of the Lady Gaga concert I attended, and my new necklace. I’m doing better now, but it was a really rough two months.


Totoro Yoga Rolls

Maus and I went to Barnes and Noble for a sale, and I got a new keychain. However, My Neighbor Totoro trinkets were calling to me, but alas I did not buy any. I did however buy a present for Captain which was neat. Why is there yoga in old town, why am I at Starbucks, and what do these antennae do on this Caterpillar Roll?


Second Life: My New Avatar

So, as part of trying to start getting Original Pursuits Society off the ground we set up a new headquarters in Second Life. At the same time my avatar, that is the 3D model that represents you in the virtual world, needed an upgrade. Maus, the other cofounder, decided he’d pitch in a bit and help me ’cause I told him how his avatar always looks so good. Well, he didn’t disappoint!


My Trip To Disneyland

So, I haven’t made a personal post in a while, so I thought I’d update you on my life a bit. First off, the biggest news since the Shining Stars Young Adult Rocky Mountain Adventure is that I went to Disneyland! It was quite the experience. In this post there are LOTS of pictures and a bit of video of the parades, fireworks, and attractions.


Sushi, Katsu, Boba, Construction

Well, a night’s a night, and it’s becoming time for me start wrapping it up and settle down into dream land. So, here’s to construction, sushi, chicken katsu, reading, and…. POKÉMON!


Wyoming Super Computer

I wish I could remember more about the computer, such as its statistics. Or even actually where it is, cause I kept no notes and forgot. If somebody knows what this place is or more about the supercomputer (link a link to its site) please comment below!


Swampgas Gossamer

…is named Les, and he runs this wonderful place called Swampgas Gossamer. It’s an art exhibit and it changes from time to time. There is supposed to be a huge installation somewhere else, we’ll have to check that out sometime. We’re friends with Les, he’s a wonderful guy. We became friends after we read an article about him, actually, in the Welsh Rabbit in the back. I would describe this art gallery as a Nine Inch Nails video without all the suffering.