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I read quite a few books, all of a varying degree of interest.  I am interested mainly in non-fiction, but I like fiction too.  I thought I’d start a page that links to the reviews I give of books I eventually end up finishing.  I mainly read programming books, but I also enjoy spiritualist / new age, electronics, and books on the creative process (such as writing.)  I’m always open to new books, so if you have any suggestions just contact me.  As always, on each review post you can purchase the book directly from Amazon using my affiliate link by clicking on the image.

  • Jane Roberts’ and Seth Material – A large corpus of material produced by Seth, an incorporeal entity as channeled by the gifted medium Jane Roberts in the sixties and seventies.  This entry actually links to a further expansion of the material which spans several books.
  • You Are A Badass – A very upbeat self-help book on working towards your fullest potential and manifesting your dreams.
  • The Power of Habit – A very interesting read into what types of things motivate and shape our behavior from the brain out.
  • The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up – A Japanese woman discovers and shares the knowledge of letting go and living right.
  • Make A Scene – A writer’s digest book on writing scenes for your stories.
  • Redis Essentials – Using the Redis object storage server for applications
  • Status Anxiety – An engaging look, and compassionate voice, for our modern anxiety.
  • Writing Compilers and Interpreters: An Applied Approach Using C++ – This book steps you through building a recursive descent parser for the Pascal programming language using C++.

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