Asher's Writing Manderings and Doodles From The Life Inside

This page lists all of Asher Wolfstein’s current, and past, writing projects.  From here you can click on links that list multiple-entry writings into chronological order (such as Poochie Cures Cancer HD).

  • Writing’s on Positive Individualism – These are essays I have written that talk about various aspects of Positive Individualism.
  • Impossible Things – This is a short story I wrote while passing the time waiting for Maus when he took classes at the community college.  It’s about a boy and his stuffed teddy-dog.
  • The Secret of Magic – This is a perpetually unfinished short story hoped-to-be-book that I wrote with a friend when I was in seventh grade.  I think it’s hilarious, at least parts of it, because it was written so seriously.
  • Poochie Cures Cancer HD – This is the epic fanfic of Poochie, from the Simpsons.  A dog from space that finds himself in the center of a maelstrom of disease.

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photo credit: Showing Real Depth via photopin (license)