Asher's Tutorials How To Do Stuff!

Sometimes I write tutorials explaining various things.  These can range from programming and game development, to maker type stuff, or even philosophy.  The thing about a blog format is that the multi-part or multi-entry tutorials can sometimes get lost in the sea of posts.  Whenever I have a series of articles that fall under the domain of a particular subject I will list them here, giving an index to the series.

  • What is Philosophy? – An introduction to the study of philosophy, including it’s various subgroupings such as epistemology and metaphysics.
  • Can We Talk For A Minute? – A series of tutorials dealing with linguistics, artificial language construction, and computational linguistics.
  • Electricity: Scientific Magic – A series of tutorials dealing with electricity, it’s nature, electrical current, circuits, electromagnetism, components, and more.
  • Super Power NecoMimi Ears – My first tutorial was a bit short.  It doesn’t go into a lot of detail, so you kind of have to know what you’re doing.  This tutorial covers how to extend the battery life of your necomimi ears.
  • The Wonderful World of Binary – A series of posts on understanding binary.  It also covers gray codes, hexadecimal, and octal as well.
  • Computer Basics – This was written along side the binary articles and covers the basic high level concepts of what makes up a computer.
  • Setting Up A Local GitHub Hosted PHP Project on OS X – This is about setting up a PHP programming project for development.  This does not include a web server or MySQL installation, that’ll be another article.
  • Japanese Kana – This series covers what is known as the kana of the Japanese writing system, otherwise known as hiragana and katakana.
  • How To Program Anything – My new series on programming computers and other devices, to be sold as books eventually.

photo credit: A Pyramid At Vivid Sydney via photopin (license)