Asher’s Favorite Music

This is just some of my favorite music. I’ve embedded YouTube videos of individual songs as appropriate.

thefragilealbumcoverBand – Nine Inch Nails (Trent Reznor)

Favorite Album – The Fragile

Something about Trent Reznor’s gut wrenching noise vomits just gets me rocking to the core. I love every NIN song out there, and own quite the library of them. I used to have all the halos. When I was in high school, this is ALL I listened to for better or worse.

sigurrosbandBand – Sigur Rós

Favorite Album – ()

Sigur Rós re-developed how I listened to music and appreciated ambient like tracks. I really got into it after a very emotional visit to the hospital. When I was writing a short story I listened to it exclusively. I used to listen to whole albums while lying in my ‘quiet bed’ at home to try to calm my out of control anxiety. Good stuff!

artpopBand – Lady Gaga

Favorite Album – ArtPop and The Fame Monster

Lady Gaga has an amazing voice. Though they say her new album is a flop, I don’t think so, I think it’s awesome. I love the experimentation that Lady Gaga isn’t afraid to do, and I love the semi-vague evocative lyrics. She’s a smart woman, and quite the performer.

artpopBand – Studio Killers

This is a pretty cool band. They had a crowdfunding campaign to send them on tour, but it didn’t quite work out. Their videos are awesome, I think. Here is an example song from their self-titled album:

Next we have…artpopArtist – Rob Zombie

First off, I loved House of a 1000 Corpses. It’s an awesome horror romp with some great visuals and scenes. When I was in high school I got really into Hillbilly Deluxe, but I also love More Human Than Human. Edgy stuff. One time there was this article about artists and their influences… they asked Rob Zombie who was his largest influence, his answer? No one. Probably true. If you’re into old horror movies and some mysterious sounds and vocals (not to mention electric riffs), Rob Zombie is for you.

artpopBand – Muse

This is an awesome band with some awesome tracks. I first heard them through my furry friend Tommy with the song “Take A Bow.” Such a good song, but I later discovered that actually wasn’t the favorite or single of the album it came from. Starlight was! So I listened to Starlight, and I was hooked on this band. I own four albums now. The song Starlight actually inspired a game design where I first crafted my original battle system. Listen to Muse!