Monthly Archive: March 2018


Pokémon GO Round Up 18 And Farewell

I haven’t been playing Pokémon GO, and in that light I’ve decided I’m going to discontinue this series. I’ve just not been keeping up with the new updates, nor catching many new Pokémon (even with all the Pokémon they’ve released in the updates since July.) There’s also raid battles, and I don’t even know what those are…


15 Furries In The Wild

Asher shares how Ninja spotted a bunch of furries in the wild (on the beaches of San Diego) and shared it with his furry brother, me! There’s also a short focus on a certain Twitter user who has placed Asher on a number of unbelievable lists. Tune in today!


The Poppins

We saw the new #MaryPoppinsReturns trailer and thought, something just didn’t quite seem right here… and I was able to pin down what that quite was. Enjoy horrifically!