Monthly Archive: August 2017


What Is A Linker?

Linkers are essential pieces of the software development process and allow programmers to separate out their code in meaninful ways.  They also allow the use of programming libraries, code that has been generated to be used by other programs.  The C Standard Library is an example of such a library, allowing standard C programs to link to its code to perform such operations as general input/output.  If we did not have a linker in our compilation process we’d have to write all our programs as one giant monolithic file.


Pearl Street Serendipity

Asher relates his journey into anxiety madness, and how he hit the wall. But Maus and he took a trip to Boulder on Pearl Street in search of a stone to help his anxiety. It was a serendipitous trip all around, finding some great finds and seeing some cool stuff. Relax on Pearl Street with Asher.


Memory Map of an Imperative Program on Most Processors

This isn’t THEE only memory map of every program everywhere, but it is generally the memory map for most programs most average programmers create, being imperative.  In programming languages like assembly or C, you work with this map pretty directly, but in more abstract or higher-level languages such as Python or PHP, many of these memory issues and placements are taken care of for you by the interpreter or compiler.


Interpretation Versus Compilation

You will find some individuals who consider whether a language is usually interpreted or compiled split languages into these categories.  However, the truth of the matter is quite the opposite.  Whether a language is compiled or interpreted is actually an independent choice from the nature of the language itself.  Any language can be interpreted by what is known as an interpreter, or compiled by what is known as a compiler.


The Nature of the C Programming Language

In this article we cover the C programming language: where did it come from, how it relates to other languages, what can it do, what doesn’t it do, and the future of the language. C is a powerful language any aspiring programmer would benefit from learning and mastering. Even today, in embedded systems, C is very much employed, and in that personal respect, important to building my robot.


Isaac Homebrew at New West Fest 2017

Isaac goes out during New West Fest and meets a robot and a kind old lady. A video and gallery are posted up. Now, last time I wrote that I met another fursuiter out when we were out there.  This time Isaac was all alone, which was nice.  I like to be the only suiter around, but hey, what can you do.  Anyways, hope you enjoyed Isaac Homebrew’s latest outing, I’m looking forward to more!


Japanese Hiragana “H”, “B”, and “P” Syllables

These are the first videos I’ve made in this manner, and we made these in a public place (Starbucks, shocker) so the sound is wonky. But, here is the video explaining the cards, and the “H”, “B”, and “P” sounds of Japanese. Please pardon my pronunciation, I’m completely self-taught and so I probably do it a bit wrong.


Programming Language Crash Course (Bootstrap Part 1)

With variables, data types, flow control, functions, expressions, statements, subroutines, and such under your belt, you are prepared to understand more fully just about any programming that comes your way from any of the popular general purpose languages out there.  That’s really the core of what makes up programming today (granted you’re not using a more specialized language such as Prolog or LISP).


Game Series: Dragon Warrior (NES) Episode 8

I try to go to Cantlin, but I have to level up, a lot. I spend quite a bit of time in the tomb behind Garinham leveling up. On my way to Cantlin I encounter three new creatures for our bestiary. I finally make it to Cantlin where I learn a LOT of very useful information as to the whereabouts of Erdrick’s artifacts.