Monthly Archive: April 2016


There Are So Many Things

Beliefs are well and good, and truthfully, everyone should believe good things. There is an objective good and evil, there are objective values, and there are virtuous elements of our lives that deserve reward.


Happy Birthdays!

That’s my journey right now in the physical, intellectual, and spiritual realms. When I’m thinking positively, I want to expand my consciousness, knowledge, and abilities to be as rich as possible. I’ve really tried to start loving myself more, and honestly, it feels much better to just do my own thing than worry about hating myself or doing the right allegedly most efficacious thing.


No Self-Loathing

I’ve applied this to various areas of my life, more successfully at times than others, and it’s really helped me. I’m going to write about more of these aspects, such as intelligence, as I go along, but I thought the cornerstone for me (attractiveness) was a good place to start.


Concrete Goals

I’m trying to really focus on that as my primary goal, but the problem is, there are so many ways that money can come in, particularly if it’s coming in from more than one source.