Monthly Archive: January 2016


Classes and Coffee

I want to learn more about electronics, and even get to the point of being able to be as good at it self-didactically as I am about programming.


Videogame Land

Well, a lot happened in videogame-land when I was not updating the blog as regularly. Rather than post a bunch of posts catching up on things I only half remember, I thought I’d just put up pics of all the things that happened and you can draw your own conclusions.


Photomats In Technicolor

I have to remind myself that a game doesn’t have to fit in a certain style. It astounds me sometimes the types of interactive experiences people are satisfied with and even hail. There are ‘games’ that I wouldn’t even consider ‘games’ that do quite well.


Fursuiting January 2016

So, Saturday I went fursuiting with Isaac Homebrew. It was fun, but the weather was cold, which is what we blamed for not a lot of people being around. I walk around, but not much people at noon Saturday in the cold.


The Neverending Salad

I used to obsess over these kinds of movies when I was younger. I didn’t own any copies of my own, so much like Howard the Duck, Labyrinth, All Dogs Go To Heaven, and others, I had to wait until some circumstance in my life allowed me to see it again (it was usually called cable). I loved those movies.


Incompleteness Theory

So where does this leave the blog? Well, I hope to take the blog up again like I was doing before. It’s a positive influence in my life, and I think that I have interesting and fun things to share. It also helps exercise my brain because I have to remember things, write them down, organize graphics, and such. It also encourages me to do things, more things than just lay on the couch and feel bad, because writing about that obviously is a wonderful idea.


Poochie Cures Cancer: I Like Turtles

Alice looked towards where Morticia’s hand was motioning. It was Jareth Bowie! Where’d he come from? “Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh….” She ran her hand over the top of her head, her bow wasn’t a person, are these people craaaaazy or what?


Passages Of Days

What’s worse is that I can’t wish I was someone else.  I used to wish I was someone else when things got like this, but then I dissociated really bad one time and learned what it was like to be someone else, and I vowed I’d never wish that again.