Monthly Archive: June 2015


Original Pursuits Society

The organization is named the Original Pursuits Society. You can find much more basic information at that link. It is very small and just beginning, and I’m hoping we can find some creative individuals who are interested in such a thing to help us start it growing.


We Are The TV

I play games, I stream games. I don’t have hobbies and yet at the same time I do. Martha Stewart is my king, and Jim Sterling is my lord. Just saying… I also walk every day now. I think it’s good for me and Maus. Come hang out with me on Twitch sometime.


Pictures Of My Recent Life

I had a piece of art hang in a community gallery, and I went to see Tomorrowland with my friend Rhiannon. Sometimes, as well, I wonder what I’m doing with my life.


What The Hell Am I Doing Here?

Sometimes I’m here, sometimes I’m not. Sometimes I’m myself, sometimes I think I’m someone else. Maybe this blog is abandoned… maybe it isn’t?