Monthly Archive: January 2015


Lots of News

Oh my gosh, so many things have happened! I finished a book called Grain Brain… Quite an interesting read. In fact, it was so interesting Maus and I are on a new diet! In other news, I’m MARRIED! Also I stopped doing WordPress debugging a couple of months ago. What to do?


Finishing Geometry

I finished my geometry book today! Now my next book is Grain Brain, so I can learn how carbs are ruining my mental health. My brother Asa recommended that one. I know how to do all sorts of strange things, like tell the width of a chasm with three people and a plank, or the height of a telephone pole with a mirror. I have mental super powers! Maybe, if I get rid of my grain brain… the results could be frightening.


Lucky Save

Today we were going to do the laundry, but we decided that it would be packed so we’re going to do it tomorrow. When I went home for Christmas they were about to butcher another cow. Today we went to Ace Hardware. We went there because we wanted a cookie jar, and Maus thought it’d be cool to have a Wonder Woman cookie jar. Two other awesome things happened today.


Christmas Presents 2014

Christmas time is all over for 2014, and now it’s 2015. But, there’s still the matter of presents. I got presents this year! I can’t remember if there was anything else, if there was and I forgot, I still treasure it!