Monthly Archive: November 2014


I, Quit

his is in response to when Sophia says that now she can attend law school. Dorothy says, “Ma! By the time you get out you’ll be 90.” That’s when Sophia dispenses this bit of wisdom. It’s not about doing things that make you eligible for something else, it’s about doing things for your own personal fulfillment. There’s a speech that went viral which now is a book where a professor said, “You are not special.” If you listen to his speech, like I did a couple days ago, it’s not really about not being special in as much as it is about fulfillment. Where I have to disagree that you’ll only find fulfillment in selflessness, I do agree that many individuals they only do things for their academic stature in order to qualify for something else. This is all well and good, as knowledge should be used, but learning can be fulfilling in itself. Gaining more understanding and more skills for yourself can be quite satisfying when paired with an outlook of creativity and discernment. Of course, his dissertation was speaking mostly about upper class high school students.