Monthly Archive: October 2014



I may have more later today, but Halloween is in full swing today starting with the tots downtown. Here’s a few shots: And Starbucks: But the cutest of all is the featured photo:


Love, Always

A poem about the journey towards light, the journey towards love.


What Makes A Creep?

I’ve been thinking lately about creeps, ever since I sat next to that guy at the furry nightclub who I thought was a creep.


My Beautiful Rats

These are my beautiful rats, Ratchet and Clank. They’re both kind of fat because they don’t get enough exercise. I’m actually allergic to rats, but I love having them. I’ve always tried having rats, but until now it hasn’t always worked out. But, I’m doing a good job with these guys. I got them when they were just weened, and they love me and Maus as their parents. I guess this is my version of a little gay dog heehee.


If He’s Bothering You

So I worked at Starbucks today, trying to get my sleep schedule back on track. Need a little coffee assistance. Anyways Roger was there, he’s okay to talk to though he seemed a little...


Most Fun Weekend Ever

I say this tongue in cheek. I was very very angry this weekend. But at the same time, I was very scared. You see, my weekend involved getting hog tied by the police, carried out of my apartment in a canvas burrito-stretcher, injected with haldol, and shackled for hours to a hospital bed. How was your weekend?