Monthly Archive: September 2014



I have problems with too much focus. Sometimes obsessively. I also have strange rats, and I’ve kicked a coffee habit. Oh yeah, check out this website I made.


Thirteen Hours

Maus and I are starting a new visual novel project. We’re hoping to eventually sell on some digital distribution options, or market from our own Kadar Entertainment site.


My New Tail!

I’ve been wanting a new tail to wear around for a while.  When the bull was slaughtered at home I took a picture of the tail. Here’s my eventual tail that was made from the hide. It’s kind of folded over with the hopes that it’ll curl a little during wear and some conditioning. I had to use superglue for a couple parts ’cause they wanted to come apart.



Pictures of my rats, Ratchet and Clank!


Broken Fingers, Broken Dreams

Broke my finger, had deja vu, helped pack meat, made a cake, visited nephews and nieces, sold game, just a week in the life.