Monthly Archive: July 2014


Should’ve Been

When I was living in Granby, right after I had to leave CU in Boulder, I saw a therapist every week named Dr. Whitefeather. She had a doctorate in organizational psychology. She was an amazing person. She was special. She rode motorcycles, worked in the phone company, had tattoos, worked at a phone bank, native american, etc. She was just a very varied person, perfect for me. One of the things we talked about early on was the “should’ve beens”. For instance, I “should’ve” gone to college, but I didn’t.


Golden Girls Trivia!

Question: How many ‘memory’ (reminiscent clips) episodes are there in the full seasons of Golden Girls? Bonus! How many use original clips?


OS X Update Beta Open!

Get the beta above. To quote: “Nearly two months after Apple announced it would release a public beta of OS X Yosemite, participants are finally getting their download notifications, allowing non-developers to access the...



The nice thing about growing up where I grew up is that your memories can be quite varied and unique. Some things can happen in a smaller town that don’t happen in ‘the city’. I know I’ve written about how I’m a city boy, but I think I’d rather have the experiences I had in my childhood than the other way around. Though, sometimes I wonder what it would’ve been like had I lived in the city.


How Do You Enjoy Your Coffee?

I personally like Vietnamese coffee. They serve it in a cup with cream already in the bottom. They leave the top on so you can get more coffee, but you can stir with a spoon to mix the cream. There’s a certain joy to seeing a cup that’s just about to become something beautiful. Here are 31 ways people enjoy coffee across the world.


Free Speech!

This is an enlightening video that presents the state of free speech on our campuses and the shaped potential attitudes of coming generations.


Loop Findr

There’s an awesome tool called Loop Findr. It takes a video and finds the most loop-able sections that could be put into animated gifs. I’m not sure if it allows you to also make custom GIFs (haven’t figured that out yet), but it does find some interesting things.


Life Lessons

In my 31 years of existence on this earth I have learned many life lessons. At least, I’d like to think so, it’s hard to have appropriate pride in your self. Introspection just doesn’t offer as much of a metric to your ‘success’ in life.



This view, this painting of a moral man is very beautiful. I cannot think of a more pure statement of a benevolent life than this.


Golden Girls Trivia!

What other role did the actress who played Mrs. Claxton also play in a later season?


Independence and Integrity

It’s important to stand up for your principles and your beliefs. It’s also important to know when to change your mind, for yourself. Whenever I’d make the more logical argument in school, often times I’d stand alone. Sometimes I’d realize I was wrong, but sometimes people just didn’t understand why I was right. I remember two particular instances.



My mother told me that being grateful is one of the keys to happiness. She told me this after I have expressed how grateful I am for everything in my life multiple times. That makes it sound curt, but it’s not. She helped me buy a new TV, and I’m grateful for that. She’s helped me and been there for me whenever I’ve needed her, whether I’m depressed or angry. She’s my best friend and I love her a lot. I’m grateful that I can have a mother like her.


Wealth Redistribution

It is morally obscene to regard wealth as an anonymous, tribal product and to talk about “redistributing” it.


Inherit The Earth Kickstarter!

There is a new kickstarted for an Inherit The Earth game. When I was younger and only had a Macintosh IIsi, I looked at the PC gaming magazines with envy as I saw all the advertisements for the game I wish I could play. Inherit the Earth was one of them.



We all need to remember this.


Real and Whole

A whole person is someone who has a sense of self. They exude that sense of self towards others, and rather than being transparent they become multidimensional and complex. A real person is someone who can affect his life in real ways, who can do things to change his reality.


Golden Girls Trivia!

Here’s the new Golden Girls trivia question: What other episode was the actor who played Miles? And bonus, can you name the other sitcom he was also in and told the same story as that episode?


Adult Life

When I really think about myself I don’t see an adult, I see a wish-filled daydreaming desperate scared boy stuck with an adult sexuality and an adult life.


Social Justice

I am a homosexual, and an atheist. I’m also white and male. Does that mean I have had the power and privilege to be who I am in my life, things that put me at odds with those in power? Atheists are immoral, sad, angry at God, and don’t believe in anything. Homosexuals are deviants, child molesters, and they caused AIDs. Whites are inherently racist as they occupy a cultural position of power in such a way that only they can be racist. Males have forever denigrated, objectified, enslaved, and raped the fairer sex (did I just say that?). Yet, I have done none of these things. I have nothing to apologize for in terms of my lack of color, or my genitalia. I have nothing to apologize for because I am an individual. I am not solely a homosexual, I am not solely an atheist, and it doesn’t matter if I’m white or male. I am an individual who’s approach and choices have shaped myself into a complex human creature.