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Archival Posts

These are posts from previous incarnations of my blog. They catalog old writing, (abandoned) projects, and else-wise content I have written in the past that others have found engaging or useful. You'll notice the sidebars reflect the content of the archival posts rather than my current blog; for current posts click on the logo above.

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Clock Tower Playthroughs

Back when I lived in another apartment in the same building, I decided I would play through all the Clock Tower games and document them in videos and posts. I got through the original Clock Tower for the SNES (via a fan translation) when I was back living in my childhood home for a stint as an adult. My streaming equipment wasn’t as sophisticated as it is now so the colors are a bit off (primarily dark) in many of the videos. I may remake them with better quality someday in the future. Here are the video playlists and posts documenting the Clock Tower Series all the way through Clock Tower II: The Struggle Within. Clock Tower III remains unplayed.

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Game Series Clock Tower 2: The Struggle Within Ending G

In this post I will be going through ending ranking “G”, as it requires a little different activity than the other endings. However, this ending also introduces us to Chapters 2 and 3, which I’ll use for reference in the coming post about endings H, and A through F. Can Alyssa make it out of a zombie ridden hospital intact, or will take a little Bates to take care of things?

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Game Series Clock Tower PSX Endings and Extras

I mean, there was something about getting all the endings that was somehow somewhat satisfying for me. In Clock Tower there are two character arcs, Jennifer Simpson’s and Helen Maxwell’s, and each character has the complete full ending, “ending A.” Each successive ending after that is basically a somewhat truncated version due to various decisions or things you did or didn’t do in the game.

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Game Series Clock Tower PSX Helen Maxwell

Clock Tower for Playstation has multiple endings, also dependent on two character story arcs. This post explores the full “A” ending while playing Helen Maxwell, the caretaker of Jennifer Simpson (original survivor the Clock Tower incident). Helen has a different take on things, including a wholly alternate ending and some differences in scenario 3.

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Game Series Clock Tower PSX Jennifer Simpson

Clock Tower for Playstation has multiple endings, also dependent on two character story arcs. This post explores the full “A” ending while playing Jennifer Simpson, the original survivor of the Clock Tower incident from the SNES game. “Will she make it through this game of murder alive?”

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Game Series Clock Tower PSX Overview

Clock Tower for the Playstation was the first Clock Tower released in North America. This game was also directed by Hifumi Kohno, carrying over the atmosphere and artistic decisions of the first game. This time, however, it’s in 3D.

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Game Review: Lunar – Silver Star Story

All in all this game was a pleasant diversion. I liked the story, I liked the characters, and I enjoyed that, at least to me, it didn’t try super hard to be ‘anime’. It just was a good story and setting that was given life through the mechanics of a JRPG. If you like character driven RPG’s then I would recommend this one, but if you’re looking for hardcore strategy, I would look elsewhere.

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