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Archival Posts

These are posts from previous incarnations of my blog. They catalog old writing, (abandoned) projects, and else-wise content I have written in the past that others have found engaging or useful. You'll notice the sidebars reflect the content of the archival posts rather than my current blog; for current posts click on the logo above.

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My Tomodachi Life Part 2

My Tomodachi Life continues. For more information about what Tomodachi is, refer to the first post. Alrighty, we covered Me, Ninja, Mom, Cartoys, and T-Bone. So we shall move on with… Papa! Papa’s my dad. Heeeeere’s Papa!

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My Tomodachi Life Part 1

So it’s become somewhat of a request to share my Miis on Tomodachi Life. In Tomodachi Life you make more Miis to represent people in your island town. The idea is that you make Miis that have some significance to you, like celebrities, or relatives. I made my friends, come take a look!

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