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Archival Posts

These are posts from previous incarnations of my blog. They catalog old writing, (abandoned) projects, and else-wise content I have written in the past that others have found engaging or useful. You'll notice the sidebars reflect the content of the archival posts rather than my current blog; for current posts click on the logo above.

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Old Story – Perfect

I wrote this story in 2001 after I graduated from high school but before I was ousted from college. It’s overladen with passive voice, and parts of it are cringe. However, inside there is a gem of creativity and innovation.

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What Is Philosophy?

Philosophy was one of those subjects that you learned about on your own, apart from school. It was a place where I could shoot ideas out into it and see where they go, no textbook, no teacher. I probably drove my brother crazy with all my, often hare brained, ideas and beliefs.

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