A long while ago as part of the Computer Science club at FRCC, I went on a tour of a supercomputer based in Wyoming.  I was going to write a post about it while all the details were still fresh in my mind, but unfortunately, that never quite happened.

The supercomputer is used for climate and weather simulation.  It is employed by many different projects, and in essence, runs a simulation for every such large area of the world.

What was interesting was the facility.  The facility is heated and cooled using water and fans.  You can see in some of the pictures the water cooling/heating mechanism.

I collected quite a few pictures on the tour, so here’s a gallery:

I also took some video.  Yes, I’m that guy who films in the wrong orientation 😛

I wish I could remember more about the computer, such as its statistics.  Or even actually where it is, cause I kept no notes and forgot.  If somebody knows what this place is or more about the supercomputer (link a link to its site) please comment below!

Next time, I’ll make a post when everything’s fresh.

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